Monday, September 29, 2008

I Can't Has Cheezeburgerz

A vital part of my diabetes management has been neglected for the past month or so. I didn’t really think about until Saturday morning.

Since my kids have been back at school and my wife has also returned to school, I have found that I have no time to play racquetball or disc golf. Those are the two ways that I, in my very small way, actually exercised. Disc golf is not rigorous at all but does lend for a good long walk which at a few times a week is a lot better then what I have been doing which is nothing.

Racquetball on the other hand is pretty much high level exercise for about an hour that typically knocks me out! I love it and miss it but to find an hour of time to spend on playing a game is next to impossible right now.

This Saturday I was able to get in half a round of Disc Golf since we had a soccer game and a convention we had to be at. In that half course, essentially 9 holes, I was wiped out. I huffed and puffed up and down the hills at La Mirada Regional Park for the short game we played. One thing I will say was it was a good half round for me even if I sounded like a panting dog the entire time.

The other topic that I have avoided is my desertion of Weight Watchers. Since my ATM card was stolen and cancelled I just let the membership cancel and grabbed a cheeseburger. I can feel myself inflating and with that, not caring at all.

Life is squeezing me in and my expanding waist line is not helping at all.

I am confident I will get my act together sometime soon but for now I will try to get in a little exercise here and there.

And hopefully stay away from the cheeseburgers.


Lea said...

Hey George,
Finding time to work out is probably one of the most important things we can do for ourselves (diabetes or no) but it seems to be one thing that falls by the wayside when things get busy. I haven't been to the gym since school started (amazing how the flab re-attaches itself so quickly) I feel your frustration.
There's always an ebb and flow with the weight loss thing- you'll get back at it!

Matt Keeling said...

You know what, I think you are doing pretty darn good. I would agree with lea that getting in that exercise is one of the more important things you can do for yourself.

As far as the weight loss is concerned, as a WW'er myself I would probably tell you that you know the plan and what works for you. You can get back to it. Keep up the good work George.

Karen said...

Exercise sounds like a good place to start. I find when I'm exercising, I also gravitate toward healthier foods. Maybe after a good workout, that heavy cheeseburger won't sound so appealing!

I've been slacking on both counts too. Finding excuses not to exercise. And I've noticed my daily carb counts have been going up over the past few weeks. You've inspired me to make sure I get back on the treadmill every day this week - and to fill the pantry with low-carb snacks!!

tmana said...

On one side of the coin, as someone who generally chooses not to mix meat with dairy, I find cheeseburgers -- especially juicy fatty ones -- offensive on sight. On the other... wave a fresh loaf of challah anywhere in the house, and I can burrow right through that yellowy sweet starchiness...

Bad Decision Maker said...

hey george,

don't let yourself get discouraged/have the all or nothing "i'm off the wagon mentality" (which i understand because i have it a lot with other things, though not usually with exercise).

even when you can't get somewhere to play disc golf or raquetball, if you can go for a little walk, that can help soo much in terms of blood sugars and overall fitness/cardiovascular health. i do that a lot and it adds up - 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there. its great also because you don't have to spend time getting to and from a specific park or facility to do it, and you're usually not so sweaty that a shower and change of clothes is necessary afterwards. i am also jealous because you live in california so your chances of encountering uncomfortable cold, dangerous ice, or nasty slush are much, much lower than mine will be for the coming 6 months (im not looking forward to it in case you can't tell - winter is usually a barrier for my exercise). if you get bored, bring a family member or coworker to talk to, your ipod, or your cell phone.

my blood sugar was really high an hour ago, and i just took a 1 mile walk and dropped over 100 points. yay!

Bad Decision Maker said...

ps sorry to write so much but also - walks and other exercise help with my mental health SO MUCH. i know you've mentioned struggling with depression on and off lately so maybe that would be another benefit.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I feel you man! Life gets so crazy busy sometimes doesn't it? Makes it hard to keep our priorities straight and easy to do the quick fix way out.