Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Tube Tuesday #88

Every Tuesday I like to take a break from diabetes and share a video clip that I think is either funny, interesting, strange, or in some way entertaining.

The clip for today falls into all of those catagories.

My Aunt used to love Magnum P.I. and after seeing this clip I can understand.


BTW - Did you read Kerri's blog post today? She made a little announcement about Yours Truly. :)


Araby62 said...

"Oh. My. GOD! Magnum!" That show totally rocked...still better than most of what's on today :)

Do you watch "NCIS" by any chance? It was created by the same guy (Donald Bellisario) and Tony on the show has a Magnum obsession...!

Clayton said...

Ummm... am I allowed to say that this will be the greatest 54 seconds of my life. It sounds a bit extreme, but from the insane plot twists, to T.C.'s reaction to the parrot feathers, and the scratch marks of Magnum's face; I can die saying that I have seen it all. Thank you, George. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Scott K. Johnson said...

LOL!!! Nice dude. Nice. TC's reaction was classic! Then the feathers raining down all over? LOL!!

And a debut on dLife?! Dude - this is IT! You are going to take off and start your television career! Awesome!