Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Good News to Share!

Despite all of the bad news about our economy right now I have some exciting news I have been looking forward to sharing for a while now.


But you say, “dude, you already are an uncle” and yes that is true but my youngest, baby, littlest sister (one that is the same height as me and could easily kick my butt) is pregnant with her first baby and we could not be more excited! Her and her husband have gone through some rough attempts in the past so we were so happy to hear that she is now 14 weeks along and “Baby” is doing great!

Here is the thing, I am posting about this because not only do I want to share the news with all of you but I am asking for your good thoughts, prayers, vibes, energy, or whatever you want to send her way. We want to make sure that this Baby is healthy and happy and ready to meet his Ninja Uncle!

The other night my daughter Gillian was in bed saying her prayers and ended her prayer with, “and God please take care of Auntie Jen and her baby since you have been doing such a good job so far.”

Amen to that.


Araby62 said...


Of course, this means that your "youngest, baby, littlest sister" has been, you know...! ;-)

k2 said...

Oh G-Ninja!!!!
CONGRATS on the baby news!!!!!!
I will send postive vibes, prayers, and bacon thoughts to your family, mom & baby included!!!!!
AWESOMENESS on every possible level!!!!

Scott said...

Wow ... when my younger brother and his wife were expecting, that made me feel really OLD! Still, I can appreciate the effort that went into this, my older sister and her husband adopted because of similar issues, but my niece looks and acts scarily just like her! Regardless, positive vibes to everyone involved!

Lea said...

congratulations Uncle George :)

I hope your sis has a healthy, stress free pregnancy. I will keep you all in my prayers!!

Cara said...

Sending prayers your way right now. :) Babies are such a blessing.
God does a good job, doesn't He? :D

Anonymous said...

congratulations Uncle Ninja! and all of my d-friends and their familieis are always in my prayers!

Jill said...

Awww CoNgRaTs!! You all are in our thoughts and prayers as well!

Sandy :) said...

I definitely want to do the cabbage patch for Jen right now. No, really...I'm doing it! HOLD ON!!!

I'm done and so, so, happy for Jen. Can you give her my deepest, sincerest, loving congratulations, and tell her that I am praying for her!!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Congrats! Thoughts and prayers and well wishes all around G-Money.