Thursday, October 02, 2008

18 and Life

So today is my 18th anniversary of my diagnosis.

I am kind of numb about it actually. I have gained so much weight that I feel kind of down about that but the dLife thing on Sunday has me kind of pumped up (no pun. Really.) so I am at a happy medium.

Diabetes sucks but it is not all bad.

There are lots of GREAT THINGS that I am HONESTLY thankful for that Diabetes has given to me.


Sara, Scott J, Kerri, Nicole, Bernard, Landileigh, Julia, Hannah, Vivian, Manny, Amy, Kelly, Gina, Allison, Scott S, Kathy, Amylia, Araby62, Jill, Chris, Cara, Lea, Matt, Bad Decision Maker, Karen, Shannon, Gaelyne, Molly, Windy, Art Sweet, Lee Ann, Heidi, Donna, Collen, Sandra, Chrissie, Drea, Chris, Floreska, tmana, are all my friends and so are many more that I know at this time I am forgetting.

Please know that each one of you makes it easier to check my blood sugars each day. Each of you help me to continue on this bumpy road to weight loss and lower A1C's. Each one of you has a special place in my heart and I am sure always will.

It is strange that I have met only 3 of you in real life but since we all share something so personal I feel like we are all old friends.

My hope is that all of you know me through this blog. I do try my best to open myself up and put all of my "stuff" out there for you all to see. Not only for your feedback to help me out but also to hopefully provide further proof that you are not alone.

I love you all and thank you for your friendship.



Windy said...

I seriously think the world would be a better place if there were more genuine people like you George!

Happy D Anniversary. Keep truckin on Ninja.

Anonymous said...

does this mean your diabetes can vote?

happy 18th!

ohhhhh and george... i feel the same way about you, even if you do stomp my butt in Mario Kart!

Sara said...

Laughing at Landileigh's comment! :D

We like you too George! You are an awesome friend and ninja!

Sandra Miller said...

Thank you, George-- for helping me understand a great deal better the challenges awaiting my son.

For nearly three years, your posts have made me laugh, cry and think.

You rock, man.

Happy 18th. :-)

Kerri. said...

Happy 18th, SuperG. And I'm proud as hell to call you a friend. So is Chris! :)

Lili said...

*rocks out*

Oh, sorry. You do rock, though.

tmana said...

Wow... I'm touched. I still feel like a bit of a newbie to the online diabetes family.

And I'm glad to know that friends, family, and faith help you "fight the good fight".

Matt Keeling said...

Completely honored my friend!

On this day, the 18th anniversary of your diagnosis, I am giving a very stealthy ninja-like roundhouse kick shout out to you!

Have a great day George!

type1emt said...

happy 18th!
you are awesome and I hope someday to see you at a conference or another D-related event
ditto,I feel the same way about you and all the others in the OC.

Gaelyne / Flitterby said...

When I saw the title, "18 and Life" the Alice Cooper 'I'm 18' song came in my head. In some ways, it's probably fitting. :-)

Honoured to be your friend, George. May the ninjabetic always be the cool dude he is. :-)

Lee Ann Thill said...

The honesty and genuineness you show in sharing your "stuff" is inspiring, and it's good to not feel alone with this disease.

My list of DOC friends I've met in RL is also short, but hopefully I'll get to add your name to that list one of these days.

Happy D-Anniversary!

Minnesota Nice said...

OK, sweetie pie - do you happen to remember this post
Take a good look at those last paragraphs about finding a higher sense of purpose.
Maybe in the last two years the answer has sort of become clear. Heck, you are a vlog star and soon to be dLife star - what more can I say?

Molly said...

Happy D-versary, Super George.
18 down. You did it!

k2 said...

G-Ninja -
You are such a wonderful person and friend- I'm so lucky to have met you in dBlogville!! Happy Anniversary Ninja - Dude!!
Please know that you make all who inhabit the D of B Ville continually laugh, learn, think, and of course...wish we were as Ninja-betic-a-riffic as you!!!!

Karen said...

18 years and still going strong. Good for you. And here's to a cure found before the next 18 years pass.

Araby62 said...

Right back at ya, hermano :-)

Penny said...

Your post title has a very Skidrow quality about it. (I'm showing my age.)

George, you have often been an inspiration to me. You have come so far from when you first started your blog. It hasn't always been easy, but you've trudged ahead. You've always been honest with us and for that I am thankful.

Riley's 3 year anniversary is coming up in a few days. It always gets me right in my heart. Congrats on 18 years of D living. You have done it with style and grace, my man.

Lea said...

One of the things i'm always thankful for, is the support and friendship I've found here. George, I'm glad to know you.

George said...

Thank you all for your comments. I promise I'll keep on with pushing ahead and sharing it all with you.


Cara said...

18 years...that's a long time. But you've done well. I look forward to seeing you on dLife this weekend (if I can catch it on). And I'm so glad to be counted amoung your friends.
I'm always talking about my friends to other people, and then they act like I'm crazy cause I've never met you all. But that's okay. I know we are all friends. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I love you too man. I can remember when you first started blogging. Watching you fight (and win) the smoking thing, kick ass with the WW thing (despite how you feel right now, you kicked ass), and become a mainstay in the diabetes blogging community.

I have enjoyed experiencing the ups and downs very much my friend, and I can't wait until we have some time to really hang out and visit. In real life.

AmyT said...

Oh George, you are the best! (and the BAD-est :)

Happy D-versary. Thanks for dedicating it to us.