Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's Vlog About It

No, I have not recorded my vlog for this week yet. I will not be able to do it tonight either. I plan on recording tomorrow while the sun is out so I can open the blinds and make Scott happy.

What I do need is something to talk about. I have some ideas but I really enjoyed just answering your questions.

So comment and ask me a question or something you want to know about yours truly.

I would even be willing to do like a "Dear Ninjabetic," type vlog. You can ask for my wisdom or lack there of. LOL

Thanks and come back on Saturday to check out the vlog.


Sara said...

Hey maybe if people ask you questions, you can send them to me as well. Because when I tried it I only got like two questions. :(

Anonymous said...

yeah! i love sarah's idea! we could do a "ask the vlogger's" and get kerri involved too! that girl is WAY behind in her vlogging.

Jessica Hickok said...

Do a vlog showing how you change your pump or give yourself and injection. People always seem in awe of watching me do that (not that I've done it on video). Other diabetics may want to see how you do things in comparison to them. Who knows...but I look forward to seeing it whatever you decide to do. Have a great day!

j-ro said...

I think you should interview your kids...Or have guests in your vlogs.

Molly said...

1. Blood sugar goals that you have for different times during the days.

2. Favorite low foods. (things you like when you're low)

3. Diabetes "routines." (ways that you change your site, testing, how you stash your supplies, etc)

4. Top Ten "what I wouldn't miss if I didn't have diabetes" list.

5. Do you recognize your lows? (always, mostly, sometimes, never)

Those are my ideas!
Have fun.

Gaelyne / Flitterby said...

How about sharing where and how you came up with being a Ninjabetic? Curious minds want to know!

Oh and on the geeky side, having never really done a vlog, what do you use to create yours? Type of camera, what software, etc. Might inspire others to start their own vlogs.

Cara said...

What about: What's in my diabetes emergency kit? What do you always have with you?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Dear Ninjabetic,

Thank you for loving me even when I get caught up in life and don't visit. That is really swell of you.

I promise that I am catching up, slowly but surely. I cannot wait to see what is behind the blinds.

Scottie J