Wednesday, September 03, 2008



My nose is all stuffed up and I cannot breathe. I hate sounding like a telephone operator (although I do not think I have ever heard a telephone operator sound like that but whatever).


My eyes are itchy. My throat is kind of itchy. I hate that tickle at the make of my throat. I swear, it's like I was cleaning a cat, the way cat's do it. HACK.


My lungs are dry and hurt each time I cough. And the cough comes from way down by my toes.


Since my blood sugars has been over the top I keep waiting to see them show up but luckily I have been okay. I raised my basal rate in hopes to bring them down and it working ever so slowly.

Now, back to bed.


type1emt said...

hope you feel better soon, colds are absolutely miserable experiences

Meghan said...

feel better. Scully and Mulder need you.



Colleen said...

Drink lots of water and rest, rest, rest. Feel better

tmana said...

I really feel for you, George. If my sinuses start up, there is nothing that will ease things up until the bug works its way through my system.

And as we are speaking, I'm (literally) laid up with the worst allergic reactions I've had to insect bites in years... So I'm feeling for you literally as well...

Sara said...

Feel better George!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage man! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Bernard said...


I hope you feel

Back to normal
Thankful for being over feeling S.I.C.K
Ready to take on the world