Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Song for the Sick

When I was a kid we watched West Side Story all the time. I can recite every line and can do it all the different voices. My R rolling for any of the Shark dialog is perfect and my Natalie Wood fake Latina accent is also spot on. So when I sat down to write this post about how sick I felt, this is what happened.

I Feel Icky (sung to the tune of “I Feel Pretty”)

I feel Icky. Oh so Icky. I feel sickly and funky and tired. And so Icky, cause my throat feels like its on fire.

I feel shitty. Oh so shitty. A committee would pity how I’ve been. And so icky, my defense is Amoxicillin.

See that pretty box of tissue there? Can you hand it here before I sneeze?
Not another cough. Not another groan. Not another ache. Not another moan.

I feel tired. Uninspired. Get more fluids and rest is what I’m told,

For I’m Sick. With an Icky, terrible Cold!

La la la hack la la cough ahhhchoo!


Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm sorry you still feel crappy, oh so crappy.

But LOL!!!

I picture you singing that while in your big mexican hat dance outfit from the other video clip!

Cara said...

Aww! Sorry you're sick. I hope it gets better soon.

Meghan said...

and that's what I love about you.

not to mention I so do the same thing.. for instance the other night before bed I wrote my little "twitter song" to the tune of "creep" by TLC...

So i tweet. Yeah. Just lettin you know what i'm doin.. I'm sure that you are dyin to know. Yeah i tweet..



Anonymous said...

You frighten me....

George said...

"You frighten me...."

Best. Comment. Evah!


Lili said...

Heyy, I sing, "I feel shitty" to the same tune, too. Your lyrics are probably better, though. Hope you feel better.

Andrea said...


micksmom28 said...

BRILLIANT!!! I loved every word! I love how even when you feel "Shitty" you can come up with the most hilarious stuff. You are the BEST!!!!