Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stressful Saturday - Ninjabetic Vlog #9

Diabetes is affected by every aspect of my life. Stress is proven to be a difficult one to overcome since life is busy.

This may go down as the worst Ninjabetic Vlog ever. I apologize upfront.



AmyT said...

Loved it, George. That's about all I've got left at the end of the day, too. btw, have a glass of wine, will ya? That's what I can "liquid gold."

;) AmyT

Sara said...

You look like a Newsie!

The bottom shelf of my fridge, 2 12-packs of Diet Pepsi, a 12 pack of Sprite Zero, and a few Peach Frescas. :)

Karen said...

Thanks for working the time to vlog into you busy day . . . week . . . . uuummm -life!!! And don't worry, if you were funny all the time we'd wonder about you. :)

Meghan said...

yeah.. I laughed when I saw the diet pepsi come out of your fridge but more realistic would have been two coming out :) haha.


Minnesota Nice said...

Pookie - you DO NOT have to be funny and entertaining all the time - this vlog was very honest - dealing with life's regular stuff plus db is a huge challenge.
Last night my family was in town from Fargo and we went out for pizza - lots of pizza. I got home about 9 and suddenly realized that I had taken no insulin to cover the meal -oops. Tested at 520 so set my alarm for every 90 minutes to be sure I wasn't over correcting. Sigh......
I love my DP but suddenly have developed an affection for Coke Zero, and Cherry Coke Zero.

Scott said...

Dude, you definitely need a personal soda machine (I cannot recommend it enough!). Read about it at! I don't make these things up!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey man. You know, I actually dig the hat. Seriously.

I do appreciate you taking the time to vlog even though you were feeling a bit run down. Ok, even a lot run down (I could totally see it in you btw).

Raicheal said...

I love you, George. And you know how I feel about that hat!

Gaelyne / Flitterby said...

Wow, Sara's fridge bottom sounds an awful lot like mine, only mine is an Aussie variant: Pepsi Max and Solo 'Sub'. If you ever get Pepsi Max over there it is AMAZING. Very yummy and sugar free. Solo is a fizzy lemonade drink and 'Sub' means 'no sugar'. It's great too.

George, if I were to do an end of the day vlog it would feature me nodding off in front of the computer, which I do every day almost. I'm hoping with better control over my glucose that might resolve itself.


Kerri. said...

I feel you on the exhaustion bit, SuperG. I'm looking forward to taking some time off and doing NOTHING for several days. (When? Well, that's still out to jury. Maybe never. But the thought is at least nice.)

Either way, I'm glad you still vlogged. And I'm glad you rocked the hat, too. I agree with Scott - it's cool.

(Also, we may be out your way in the next few months. Chris said, "Hey, can we maybe see George?" Dude, you have a fan in my husband. :) )

(Also, also: My word verification was "hookr". Excellent.)

landileigh said...

diet pepsi is THE bomb! and i love how kathy called you "pookie"!!