Monday, October 13, 2008

What Would Your Answer Be?

My vlog post the other day was pretty pathetic. I watch it and see a guy who got himself into this mess and that is the thing. I am not sure I would do things differently. I enjoy being busy and having stuff going on. So I will do my best to not complain about the things I choose to do.

The bigger problem is when things I do not choose are added to that list of “to do’s” really gets to me. Not leaving room for the unexpected is my curse.

This weekend was busy but some really cool things went on. One was my cousin’s surprise birthday party. I also attended the last team meeting for the retreat I am working at this weekend. My best friend had a birthday party. Gillian’s soccer team lost but played very well on Saturday morning. George’s high school band took 1st place in their first Field Show competition of the year! And all of that happened before Sunday.

It was good.

Sunday morning was tough. When my alarm went off I was in a very deep sleep. I do not remember the last time I woke up so tired. I got to church early and took care of all the stuff I needed to. My BG was high like it was all weekend so I corrected and kept on going.

Our church service was very eventful with 4 baptisms and receiving of some new members. Now, you all know I am a softy. I get choked up at telephone commercials and Hallmark cards. I am weird like that.

I realized that baptisms turn on the flood gates in my tear glands consistently more often then any other ceremony. Weddings? Sometimes but baptisms win hands down.

Anyhow, during the sermon our Pastor asked us, “what does Heaven look like to you?” And he explained that heaven is not necessarily everything we want in life but an overabundance of what we need. He talked more and more about how we should live and what not and frankly I tuned out and was stuck on that question.

What does Heaven look like to you?

I have one hope for heaven.

No diabetes.


AmyT said...

Hey George,

Jews have a saying: the righteous people aren't in heaven, rather heaven is in them. You got it in you, Mister.

- AmyT

Michelle said...

I think Heaven will be different for everyone. My dh will find his grandma making fried chicken. I might find a beach chair and my favorite people sitting there with a beer. But no matter what, we'll all be perfect, which means no diseases, no matter what. Whatever else, that's comforting to me.

Flmgodog said...

I'm with AmyT all the way!!!!
And NO DIABETES for sure!

Keep your head up buddy!

tmana said...

The baptism thing got me thinking... and I think I understand it. My dad says (somewhat less delicately) that anyone can successfully commit acts of sexual reproduction, but not everyone can parent. In this age where we hear so often of "baby [parents]", "[gamete] donors", and absentee/"deadbeat" parents, formally inducting a child into a religious path means that at least two adults -- more, depending on the number of "godparents" -- are committing themselves to actively rearing that child to be a moral and ethical person, able to care for himself and others.

It is also a ceremony of the congregation taking responsibility for assisting the parents and godparents along this path. The child has become part of a much greater community which will support him (or her) in his (her) quest to become (in the words of ShalomTV's Rabbi Mark Golub) "a beautiful human being".

When the *intents* and the prayers of the whole congregation comes together to welcome that child, it is a mystical moment in which you sense the Divine Presence (Holy Spirit) both within you and around you. That is something which always overflows, renews, and rededicates one.

Colleen said...

I like Amy's response, too.
I think heaven will mean happiness. No hatred, no disease, just lots of love.
Good question -

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm thinking peace, both within myself (where I fight more often than anyone knows), and externally.

Penny said...

I think of lots of light and just a pure contenment that you could never find on earth.

Riley got baptised a few weeks ago so I know what you're talking about.

Also, Riley has said in the past that when he gets to heaven he won't have diabetes anymore. Like I said, pure contenment.

Anonymous said...


I really like Anmy's comment on Haven. Great way of looking at this.

Love, Mom