Thursday, October 16, 2008

'til Monday

Well folks I thought I might have some time to hook up the camera and vlog but unfortunately I cannot.

My Murano is packed with the seats down and even the passenger seat is holding my bag.

My car is packed with what you ask?

My drum set, my guitar, my bass guitar, my amp, 2 monitors, speaker stands, 6 music stands, my djembe, my djembe stand, a couple of guitar stands, and tons of music books!

Did I mention all my D supplies like infusion sets, reservoirs, 2 bottles of glucose tabs, 100 test strips for the One Touch and plenty of insulin.


Now I get to drive up the mountain, unload it all, and play music for 4 days straight!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Be back on Monday.

Might tweet if I get reception. Follow a ninja and find out. ;)


Jill said...

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy deserve it!

Matt Keeling said...

Have a great trip! I hope you return mentally refreshed! Focus on yourself and beautiful music for a few days and I am sure you will!

Lea said...

Have a great weekend, George!

Cara said...

Ah, so you're doing music. :) I've prayed for you several times when I thought about it this weekend. I hope you'll fill me in when you get back.