Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The First Steps

Since I have been hearing about many D-Bloggers being approved for CGMS and some who are starting the process I thought I should dive in and try again.

I pretty much gave up the last time I tried but after seeing the results of Kerri’s and Gina’s struggles I figure it is worth the attempt.

So I called my Minimed rep and told her that I was interested in getting set up with a CGMS.

“No problem George, you will love it! So which insurance do you have?” The Minimed rep I talk to is a very upbeat, cool person.

“I have Blue Sheild.” I reply.

“Ugh. That is the only one that will not cover it. Is it just Blue Shield or Blue Shield of California?”

“Blue Sheild of California.”

“Oh no. They will not do it. We are hopeful that they will begin coverage next year but for now they will not.”

She told me to check with my HR department since open enrollment is happening and that she may be able to help me choose a plan that will cover it.

I walk into my HR department and ask, “Do we have the info on open enrollment?” I go on to explain what I want to do and how Blue Shield will not cover it.

“We have Blue Cross." Duh. "We used to have Blue Shield a few years ago but we have changed.” Thank you HR.

I call my rep up and tell her the news.

“Great! Blue Cross covers it!” She told me she would get a prescription from my Endo and get the ball rolling.

“There is one thing you should be aware of.” Her tone changed so I listened with all my attention. “they need to see your logs and will want to see at least 3 lows below 50 to cover you.”

“Oh!” I said. “Like in a week?”

“No, 3 in a month.”

After I was done laughing hysterically I said, “I do not think that will be a problem.”

Cross your fingers for me.


Cara said...

LOL! 3 in a month....I can totally do that. :) And that's even with CGMS. :)
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Keep us updated.

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Oh, yeah. Totally agree :) Good luck!

Karen said...

Good news! Here's hoping everything goes smoothly. Three under 50 in three months?? Pretty easy, huh? It irks me that they don't care about highs, only lows. Hello, they are BOTH bad!!

I'm going to talk to my endo about one at my appointment in two weeks. I'd been planning to anyway - but then the other evening I had a 27 and almost no symptoms. Scary! We have Anthem, and I've heard they're pretty good about coverage. Fingers crossed for both of us.

k2 said...

Way to go G-Ninja -
I'm so happy for you! 3 lows, no problem - done and done!
I agree with Karen, High's are just as bad and it would be great if insurance companies got that.
But I'm so happy that your going to become "CGMS Ninja" very soon ;)

Sara said...

Completed the first step today and got a big ol' no. They don't know what kind of fight they are in for!

Kerri. said...

Go get 'em, George!!

caramaena said...

Good luck - my fingers are crossed for you :D

Vivian said...

You go Ninjabetic! Daniel will be over the moon if you both are wearing the CGMS. lol So far his has been a blessing, I hope it works out as well for you.