Thursday, November 20, 2008

Playing it Cool

After yesterday’s crazy blow up at lunch (which I realize after many comments may have been necessary) I have decided to play it cool today.

Stay cool. I think that is good advice.

(suddenly turns into a scene from “D-Side Story”)

If you wanna keep your BG in check. Play it cool.

If you wanna make sure you blood pressure is normal. Play it Cool.

If you wanna not get canned. Play it Cool.

“I wanna test!”
Test cool.

“I wanna bolus.”
Bolus cool.

“I wanna snack!”
Snack cool.

Boy, boy crazy boy. Get cool boy.
Need a chill pill, to not get ill,
Keep coolly cool boy.

Don’t get mad cuz boy you have some blog posts to write.
Take it slow and Daddy O you can Tweet it up into the night!

Boy, boy, Ninja boy. Stay loose boy.
Write it, blog it, record and vlog it,
Stay super cool boy!

Go man go, but not if you feel low,
Treat boy!
Just play it cool boy…Real cool.

If none of this is making sense, watch this.


Meghan said...

my favorite part about this musical is that as soon as they start singing and dancing they lose all of their "gangster" appeal.. yet still try to look tough while doing pirouettes and snapping in time...


Scott K. Johnson said...

Ice cold baby, ice cold...

Kassie said...

When you inject,
You inject all the way
From your first infusion set
To your last dyin' day.

When you inject,
If your sugar goes high,
You dial up a dose,
'cause your meter don't lie!

You're never alone,
You're never disconnected!
You're wearin' a pump:
When carbs are expected,
You're well protected!

Then you are set
With a capital J,
Just don't expect
a cure 5 years away.
When you inject,
You'll always inject!