Friday, November 21, 2008

vloggle Vloggle VLOGGLE

That title is the worst turkey slash vlog joke ever but who else would say something stupid like that besides little old me!

This vlog post is about Thanksgiving and not about the meal but what I am thankful for.

Although the meal is gonna kick butt!



Scott K. Johnson said...

FIRST! (does that make you feel FANTASTIC or what?! That people are FIRSTING your posts!)

G-Money, I am thankful for you my man. Can't wait for Denver. Can't wait.

landileigh said...

i'm thankful every morning that i wake up, that i woke up. i'm alive. everything else is gravy.

that which does not kill us... makes us stronger.

tmana said...

Always good to stop and remember to be thankful for what (and who) we have in our lives. (There's a whole class of occasional prayers that deal with this.) The cool thing about close friends is that they are family-by-choice. We choose to be with our friends, and they with us, through thick and thin.

Clayton said...

I'm thankful for Bastages like you in my life, George. With whom else could I skeet surf? Or go cruising for ladies with skirts at Yankee Doodle's? I am thankful for man-crushes which will be realized and revisited this Sunday at 8:00. I am thankful for Merlin and his attack. Most of all, I am thankful for my friend!

Cara said...

That's great! :) I love Thanksgiving. Our mini-church had our Thanksgiving fellowship today and we all went around and told what we were thankful for. There's so much we've been blessed with.