Monday, November 17, 2008

What Scone On?

Here is the recap on what was "going on" this weekend.

Friday was my sister Anna’s birthday and we surprised her with a visit from my sister Diane and her husband Frank from New Mexico. She had no clue and it was an awesome and emotional surprise. Those are the best ones.

A good idea is to also watch out when the kids grab a hold of the camera. Especially my kids.

After a fantastic Italian dinner we headed over to a Karaoke studio where you can rent a private room and sing all you want.

I forgot to mention the cool wigs you can wear to add to the super heavy metal effect.

The songs I sang were:
Footloose – Kenny Loggins
Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder
We Built This CityStarship (with Anna. I only chose this song because I wanted to sing “knee deep in the hoopla”)
The Right StuffNKOTB (with Jasmine. She did most of the singing and I did the entire dance)
Easy Lover – Phil Collins (I sang) & Phillip Bailey (Anna sang his part)
We Are The World – USA for Africa (what made this so sweet was my sister Jennifer and I sang the whole thing switching off parts, shouting out the names of each new singer AND impersonating each one. So. Freaking. Awesome. We must get that on video one day.)

Afterwards we headed back to the Simmons pad for cake, ice cream, and presents. It was a great evening.

Saturday was a day filled with making scones, Devonshire cream (which yours truly made and it was truly delicious), and avoiding smoke.

My sister Anna is getting married soon and her bridal shower was on Saturday, so the sister surprise was for two purposes. My wife and sister made scones and I got to make the cream. All came out great and they had a fantastic time at the shower.

Us guys hung out trying to install a ceiling fan (it was pretty much just my brother in law and me standing there) and watching TV about the fires. We were not too far away from Yorba Linda fire so it looked like nighttime outside by 3PM. So scary.

When the girls got back from the shower we got dinner and watched TV all night.

Sunday morning before church I took my sister and her husband to LAX. When I walked outside I saw smoke and ash everywhere.

The sun looked so scary.

Dropping my sister off and saying goodbye is always emotional for us. We are all very close and as much as distance does not mean you are any less close, it does make you cherish those moments when you can be face to face.

And honestly, hugging a loved one is about the greatest thing ever.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend.

The pictures show that you all had a LOT of fun!

The pictures of the fallout of the fires are scary and heartbreaking.

k2 said...

What a fantastic and fun weekend!
As far as the pictures of the fire, please keep safe and know that all of us in dBlogville are sending positive thoughts and vibes out to everyone in California!

Sara said...

Where's the karaoke place, and can our Christmas meet-up be there? :D

Stay safe with the fires. After I talked to you last night, the evacuations got a little closer to my mom (about a hillside away) and she found out one of the little kids in her class lost his house. :(

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Way cool! That sounds like the best weekend :) We must see the 'We Are The World' video someday! Hope the fires stay away from ya.

landileigh said...

i love how your family just loves to do things together.

you have the BEST weekends of anyone i know!

AmyT said...

Hey George,

My mom's been reporting on all the ash. I remember that growing up down there. Kind of like Red Dawn...

Andrea said...

The fire is really scary. You stay safe!