Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Tube Tuesday #95

I cannot stop thinking about this clip from NBC Nightly News last night.

I am kind of numb about it.

This clip hit the spot. Its just eye candy. I hope you like it.



Keith said...

Wow, those guys are really good! Hope they can capitalize on that talent. Run in's w/the local Law is probably not the way to do it, however!

Good choice for YTT.

Sandra Miller said...

Holy cripes! Those guys are good!!

Must show this to Joseph when he comes home from school... he'll love it! :-)

landileigh said...

awesome video, how you find these things amazes me!

chris bishop said...

Ok, I can't stop watching it. I have been watching it all day long. Those guys are way beyond amazing. Thanks for your best You Tube Tuesday yet.

George said...

keith - glad you like it!

Sandra - Oh yeah, I gotta show George tonight, he is gonna dig it too.

landileigh - I cannot reveal my sources. ;)

Chris - LOL It only took 95 tries!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Holy spit batman!!! That is incredible!

Major Bedhead said...

Whoa. Dooooooood. That rocked.