Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Christmas Song - Ninja Style

We have had some rainy times over the Simmons home in the past few days. Plumbing, Electrical, and Car troubles to name a few. I am trying to keep up the holiday spirit the only way I know how.

I wrote my own version of a Christmas Song - Enjoy.

Christmas is coming and George is getting fat,
Did you hear that Santa’s Gmail has just been cyber hacked?
If you know of a good plumber then please send him my way,
If you don’t and come to visit, then please don’t stay.

Christmas is coming, the lights are on the tree,
You could see them so clearly with some electricity,
If you know an electrician, then please give him my name,
Cause it seems the house we moved to is super effing lame.

Christmas is coming, my face a constant frown,
And my wife’s flipping Kia just had to break down,
If you know a good mechanic, then please send him to me,
But I need one that can fix it, and do it all for free.

Christmas is coming, thank God for all my friends,
And who cares if I never seem to make dividends,
Sure things may be crappy, but I say “what the heck,”
Your comments, tweets, and emails help keep me in check.
Ahh, now I feel better.


JaimieH said...

(((Hugs))) 2009 can't come soon enough...It will get better hopefully for a lot of us out there...

Blessings for Today and Always...

Where's the g'tar & video? You don't want this song all over the web?? lol

p.s. my code to enter below is "blesemis" that must be a good sign right?

Kerri. said...

Christmas is coming, and you will be okay,
We are here to be with you, every single day.
Even when it sucks, we'll still all be your friends,
Give it just a little time and everything will mend.

Christmas is coming, and we appreciate,
Everything you do to make the blogosphere great.
Forget about your troubles, and keep your head held high,
Know that you're the SuperG and such a special guy.

George said...

JaimieH - Thanks for the hugs! I need those. and I think that code was a good sign.

Kerri - Awesome verses 5 and 6. You rock. thanks.

tmana said...

Sorry to hear you've been having so many issues. Glad to see you're able to joke about it (sort of). Not familiar with that tune... my own taste in Christmas music runs to early music performed in the original dialects and, where appropriate, period instruments perfect-tuned to the period appropriate frequencies.

Notwithstanding, I still haven't begun my annual trek through about 60 holiday-music albums...

Cara said...

You always make me laugh! But I am sooo sorry you are having such a bad time.

Scott K. Johnson said...

That's good stuff right there man. In a "totally real life sucky events to make a funny song" kind of way.


Andrea said...

Call your landlord! Now that you RENT it's his damn job to fix that shit (cussing totally necessary).

If he makes you pay for it, take it out of next month's rent. Make sure you include the receipts. And look up your tenant/landlord laws so you can give him the statute that gives you the right to do it.

Love you and the song. Chin up!