Thursday, December 04, 2008

It Was A Strange Morning

This morning was a weird one. I completely forgot that I had Diabetes or I should say, I was not thinking at all!

Check out my post on Blogabetes.


Vivian said...

See, that is just scary. I hear people say that they keep their diabetes private and hide it, but if you are out of range someone needs to know to remind you. Even when you are a veteran at this stupid disease. I am so glad you are ok and that your lovely angel was there to give you a nudge.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wowsers man. I get really irritated when I experience a symptom of a low that I don't recognize as a symptom of a low.

k2 said...

G-Ninja -
Glad your OK!
I once read (but I'm not sure where,) that the longer we have the big D, we are prone to developing new symptoms that in essence, are not symptomatic at all.
Maybe that's what happened to you?

Scott K. Johnson said...

Cool to see you as THE FEATURED BLOGGER over at the Diabetes O.C.!