Monday, December 08, 2008

Diabetes Outdoors

A while back I wrote about some amazing people I met on a retreat weekend and how they were starting their own non-profit organization.

Well I am pleased to announce that Diabetes Outdoors is here and is going to have its first event!

Diabetes Outdoors is a community organization that supports people living with diabetes by encouraging healthy lifestyles and building active communities, thereby enriching the quality of life and preventing related complications. That is how director Trevelyn Yahr describes this group.
You can view the flyer by clicking on the pictures below. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the group using the number on the flyer. I know the website is under contruction but should be up soon.

I love this idea. A good time and some diabetes education. A great combination in a very cool package. So many think that because of diabetes they cannot go mountain climbing or hiking and that is just not true.

We can do all that stuff, we just have to be prepared and remember to have supplies that we may need.

Good luck Trevelyn on this hike! Hopefully I can make it to the next one.

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Kassie said...

I love when people find new ways to connect and share info and support!