Friday, December 19, 2008

The Company Holiday Party

Last night was our annual company holiday shindig and as many of you know, I am on the Entertainment Committee. And as many of you may not know, I work at a place that rivals the T.V. show "The Office."

Anhow, our budget was slashed this year which is understandable. We decided to have a gift exchange at our office and then head over to "300" which is about the coolest bowling I have ever been to.
I was in charge of coming up with the teams, team names, and team shirts. I thought they came out pretty good.
Check them out!
I first surfed the internet to find cool names.

I found clip art and matched up some cool fonts and went for it!

I tried to come up with designs that were all different in style.

I was captain of The Bowling Stones!

Check out how intense I am with my Lemon Drop Ball! Woot!

It was a great night. After the party I headed off to see Gillian sing at her school and then we jetted over to George's school to see his band concert! It was a busy night but a great one.


k2 said...


talesofmy30s said...


I haven't been bowling in a very long time. This from the girl where bowling was a P.E. unit in high school...and whose parents were on a league briefly...

Lee Ann Thill said...

I can't stop thinking about you as a zombie - your comment yesterday really made me laugh - and it's even funnier in my head now because you're a bowling zombie, LOL!

(P.S. I'm weird.)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I love it!