Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Vlog - The Biggest Loser

It was late Thursday night that I recorded this so my voice and distance from the camera are not the norm.

The Biggest Loser - D Style that Landileigh put together is the topic as is support and the community we offer to one another. It is an awesome tool for motivation and accountability.

Check out the post and hear my ramblings.

I almost forgot, Teddy makes an appearance too!



Karen said...

Go George!!! Rock that Biggest Loser challenge!!!! And Teddy, so nice to meet you, cutie. :)

Flmgodog said...

I found you inspiring when you were on WW the last time. I didn't jump on the wagon last time and was sorry I didn't. I am in this time.
Love Teddy he is adorable!!!

JaimieH said...

really resonated with me... I tend to be an all or nothing gal myself....and like you said when you were successful before and lapsed it can be a harsh reality to find the 'huevos' to try to get back on track again.....weight is a mental game and it's time to pony up again...let's roll!

Sara said...

When we did that weight loss challenge two years ago, I lost 20 pounds. Since that contest ended, I gained half of it back. :(
It's hard to get motivated to work on it again.

Did you notice you started your vlog with "well hello" - it kinda sounded like you were flirting with us! :)

George said...

Karen - thanks for the support and Teddy says, "the pleasure is all mine" although it sounded more like "woof."

Flmgodog - I wish I would have stayed with it. But this time we are going to WORK IT! I cannot wait.

JaimieH - Giddy Up! I think this is a good approach. Support is what we (I) need.

Sara - "do you read this blog often? Maybe I could get your URL?" LOL

Kerri. said...

The "Tedster" is adorable. Cute puppy dog!

Minnesota Nice said...

George - you were just practicing the first time around. You did it oonce, you can do it again.
I've been waiting weeks to see little Teddy and he is adorable!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm with you bro. Let's rock it. And thanks for the influence to get me on board, even it it was a little, um, unorthodox... LOL!!!

You and Sara crack me up!

Cara said...

Okay, now that I've joined up, I had a meal tonight at Steak N' Shake that equaled 1350 calories. That's it. No more. At least not without major exercising. :P

Andrea said...

Your puppy is ADORABLE! Why have I never met him? I suck, that's why.

I am the same way about weight loss. I want to see the results NOW! and if I don't I get discouraged and I give up. I'm so glad you have found a place for people to cheer you on. Love you lots!