Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Am Naturally

Today’s post has nothing to do with Diabetes. In fact, it may be looked at as Diabetes taboo but I want to let you all know about my cousin’s new blog.

B Sweet Cakes

Here is a cake she made for my wife when she earned her BA.

Check out the site to see more cakes and check back often. She is getting a bunch of orders for showers, parties, and even a couple of weddings!


Lee Ann Thill said...

Those look awesome. Almost too pretty to eat.

Almost :)

Cara said...

I'll be checking it out. I do cakes too. :) I have 2 next Thursday, and 2 on the following Sunday. Sadly, I'm only getting paid for 1. I donate. :P

k2 said...

G-ninja -
She's quite the Master of the cake batter! Does she need any taste testers? Cause I'm totally volunteering !

..M.. said...

Hmmmmm yummmmmy!
I'm with Kelly, I'm definitely in for some cake testing ;)

Rachel... said...


Sara said...

Next time I visit we are having a party so we can justify getting one of those cakes!!!