Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Funny Exchange

Coworker: Hey dude.

George: Hey.

Most of the people I work with I feel are like family and close friends. There are a few that piss me off but most are pretty chill. This exchange this morning cracked me up.

C: Dude, so I was wondering if most people keep their pumps in their socks or pockets like you.

G: You were wondering that? Why?

C: (laughs) Well I mean do people rock it on their belt like a Black Berry or what?

G: I used to but since I have a Blackberry that I wear on my belt I was starting to look a little like Batman which is not as cool as I thought it would be.

C: I saw this commercial with these blood monitors but in different colors. Have you seen those?

She is talking about the One Touch Ultra Mini’s that are available in 6 different colors. I use mine when I do not want to carry my bag around and I can put the meter and lancing device in my pocket easily because of their compact size.

G: I actually have a green one. It was gift from a good friend of mine.

C: That one was my favorite!

G: Yeah, they are pretty cool.

C: Dude, it makes me want to get one and check my blood sugar. Like, BAM check me out and my stylin’ green machine.

G: (laughing) Kind of like when people got all into wearing fake glasses because they thought they looked cool.

C: Ugh! I HATED that phase. People would come up to me and say, “Cute glasses. Are they real?” I mean, YES. Of course they are real! I will crash my car without them!

G: Yeah. This would be exactly like that.

C: Oh… I get it.

G: Cool.


tmana said...

Thanks for sharing -- cracked me up as well!

Sara said...

I A-LOL'd at that exchange!

Thanks G-Money!

Signed, the Masked Marauder said...

Too funny - I was ROFLOL!

Joanie said...

oh wow, hahahaha hilarious

Karen said...

Not only was that a funny story - but it makes me feel like I'm one of the cool kids with my pump and blood glucose monitor! LOL

landileigh said...

just think when you get your CGMS, you'll have the full utility belt!

i'll be Robin to your Batman!

Lee Ann Thill said...

Instead of feeling like a weird nerd with all my electronics on my belt, I'm going to walk around saying "I'm Batman."

JaimieH said...

too funny...that was cool :)

Kerri. said...

That was too funny, SG!

Shannon said...

I went through a fake glasses phase. I wanted bad eyesight sooo bad!

Gaelyne / Flitterby said...

Gee just like (some) Type 2's are envious of the pumps, this guy's the next step over from it. Gadget jealousy... shakes head. Thanks for the giggle, George!

Scott K. Johnson said...


Like "Hey! Cute meter! Is it real?"

"Yes it is, STFU!"

Mandy said...

Love it.

It's good you squashed that trend before it started. Although, I can totally see being "green" with envy. That's why I chose that color for my pump!

Tony Rose said...

Ha ha - nice Gman!

I just submitted a survey online to get a free OT Ultra Mini via coupon I'll get in the mail. I use the OT Link now because it works with my pump. This will be a nice backup.

The website is:

Michelle said...

OMG that's hilarious!