Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anna & Steve

I will be wearing a tuxedo this Saturday. Appropriate attire indeed for a “best man!”

Saturday is my sister Anna’s wedding day and her fiancé asked me to be his best man. Cool beans right?

It’s a funny thing being the only brother in a family of girls whose dad died way too early in life. I always feel like I am supposed to keep an eye out for them like dad did and would have. When Jennifer starting dating her husband Paul I became good friends. I clicked with him (not that it mattered) immediately. He treats her right and makes her happy, the two things that are most important to me. And now he is going to be a Daddy! So awesome!

My sister Diane was lucky that my dad actually got to know Frank when they were first dating. My dad loved Frank. I love Frank. You would too, he is awesome.

Steve, my brother in law come Saturday, is a great guy and I love him already. Kind, funny, smart, geeky (in an awesomely cool way), laid back, warm, and friendly. But none of that matters.

All that matters is that my sister is happy and he that treats her right.

Check and Check.

My sister is the happiest I have ever seen her and she also seems so much more “herself” then she has been in the past. It’s the Anna I know and love who is chilled out most of the time but will put the smack down if needed.

I see them and they are already such great friends who laugh, play, and even go to church together which for my sister is a big thing.

So this Saturday at about 6:30PM, grab a hold of a drink somewhere and join me in toasting Anna and Steve.

“May their years together be many, their days joyful, and every minute together cherished.”


Lee Ann Thill said...

Seriously, does geeky come any other way but awesomely cool??

Let's see, 6:30 your time will be 9:30 mine... I'll be sure to raise my glass of Fresca! Congrats to the happy couple!

PS Expecting picture of you in the monkey suit!

Anonymous said...

you'll have to post pics! oh and we want a verbatim account of your best man's speech! it better be AWESOME!

Karen said...

*sniff sniff* Very awesome. I will toast them indeed!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I will raise a Diet Coke in their honor with you! Do you think you can simultaneously tweet the toast and say the toast?

Meghan said...

I will physically be there to toast them with you :) and super looking forward to it :)


Meghan said...

PS. I'm bringing my cam and taking "George in action" shots... and then posting them on MY blog... haha


ps. I still think someone needs to follow you around with a camera.. or at least have an audio dictionary.. "it's like boom boom crash crash crash"!

Anonymous said...

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Andrea said...

Is that you and Jazz in the picture?

Your post was so sweet it made me tear! Have fun on Saturday- weddings are awesome.