Friday, January 30, 2009

Ninjabetic Vlog - This one is supersized.

I did not mean to record a vlog that was so long but if you have some time to spare, it may be worth checking out.

Yesterday I posted 25 Random Facts about Me on Twitter. I chose some silly things, some embarrassing things, and some simple truths. It was fun, so there is a mention in this clip about those 25 things. I posted them below so you can see them in case you do not use Twitter.

I also talk about short fuses and moodiness. There is a point to this madness I swear.

I hope you like it.

25 Random Facts About Me

  1. When I was a kid my, sisters said I used to strip their Barbies, chew on their feet boobs and hands, and then throw them on the hill.
  2. I do an amazing impersonation of Aaron Neville.
  3. I used the amazon gift card from a Dexcom survey to purchase one of my favorite movies. Hedwig & the Angry Inch.
  4. My middle name is Scott.
  5. My favorite number is 56.
  6. I know The Pledge of Allegiance in sign language.
  7. I've been to Australia. In and around Sydney.
  8. Cheese and Syrup was a favorite treat of mine as a kid.
  9. I have a major fear of Clowns, Horses, Birds, and Pinata's. Mime's are a close relative to the clown and equally as scary.
  10. Cement being mixed is one of my favorite smells.
  11. I once flipped the bird to the Easter Bunny.
  12. Cheryl Ladd was my first crush ever. What a foxy "angel!"
  13. My shoe size is 14. I hate having to find shoes but I love the $ I save on not having to rent ski's.
  14. I have both my ears and my nose pierced. I don't wear anything in them anymore but I could.
  15. I cannot eat chicken on the bone. I once had to cook a chicken and I had to call my mom for support to cut it. It Freaked me out.
  16. I love the wind. I can stand in it and close my eyes and be happy.
  17. If I could remove one thing from my memory it would be Michael Bolton. His whole career. I want to be free of it.
  18. I can do the dances from Thriller, Miss You Much, Love is a Battlefield, and The Right Stuff by New Kids.
  19. I failed Spanish twice and I am Latino!
  20. In 3rd grade my teacher asked if any1 knew what "Broad" meant. I raised my hand and said, "A dumb waitress?" I guess I watched too much "Alice" as a kid. You know, Mel's diner.
  21. The first time I tried a cigarette I was 6 years old.
  22. I have never been in a fist fight. Ever.
  23. Grape anything makes me want to vomit. Grape soda, drink, now and laters, cough syrup, glucose tabs, all of it. BUT I LOVE grapes. LOVE!
  24. Until I was 15, I thought UPS delivered Tortillas. My grandma told me that once. I thought,"Wow! Tortillas are popular!"
  25. I married the first girl I ever kissed.


Karen said...

Great vlog!! You are right - life can deal a lot of crap, but we need to focus on the good things life brings us. I'm getting on Scott's Great Day Train today.

Loved your Tweets yesterday. I am LMAO over the cheese/syrup sampling. As you were doing it, I was totally YELLING at the computer "Oh no, don't do it"! But you did. We are proud. The things you do for your fans. :)

Dunder Mifflin - ahhh!!! The Office is my absolute favorite show. Random embarrassing fact about me - I belong to and visit the Dunder Mifflin Infinity site daily. ;)

And lastly, if all goes well, I'm going to post my first vlog today. Aaaahhhh. But no, I won't be eating anything "weird" on it.

Lea said...

So many degrees of awesomeness in this vlog, George!! Thanks for making me smile :)

Signed, the Masked Marauder said...

I can SOOO relate, George! My whole family says, "Mom,'re low...or maybe your high..." Thanks for sharing this..

I loved hearing your 25 things...and I love your honesty in your vlog.

dothedemolition said...

That was a good random list. Number 25 is lovely :]

Lee Ann Thill said...

Grape-flavored anything is totally disgusting! Bleh!

Grapes are yummy though.

Lili said...

17. So you're saying you don't celebrate the man's entire catalog?

Scott K. Johnson said...

This was awesomeness encapsulated!

I don't really know what I mean by that, but it sounds pretty schweet doesn't it?


I totally thought you were going to dash into the bathroom and "eject" the syrup-cheese...

Sara said...

No comment.

Thought the cheese-syrup was going to come back up though.

What's an ovenete? That's my word verification! :)

Jolie said...

I can so relate to #15...the horrid sound of a knife going through a chicken bone...OMG...the one time my husband made me do it, I screamed loudly as I crunched through each bone. Give me boneless, skinless chicken breasts any day!

Then, they bring home the ducks that they kill during hunting season and laugh at me when I won't help them pluck them...are you kidding me?? I would never have made it as a pioneer woman!

Suzanne said...

You totally make me smile! I am also dealing with sugar swings that are making me moody. I started crying yesterday (and I am not a cryer) because my doctor didn't take me off steroids when he promised to. He said two more weeks, I said OK, hung up the phone, and wailed! I guess my antidepressants are not doing their job! Diabetes really messes with you, you have to remember to laugh sometimes. I will not be trying the cheese thing though!

Major Bedhead said...

Oh, man, watching eat cheese with syrup on it was painful!!

But you do need to find Concord grapes. They make regular grapes look puny in comparison. They may be local to out here, though, so, y'know, schedule a trip for the fall.