Monday, February 02, 2009

The Wedding Recap

Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner. The rehearsal went well and this being the 11th wedding I have been in (not including my own) I pretty much knew what was going to happen. After the rehearsal we went to dinner at “The Old Spaghetti Factory.” I ordered what I always get, Tortellini Alfredo. It was fantastic as was the night. We had a lot of fun laughing and carrying on.; In fact, my future brother in law bought me the perfect “best man” gift I could ask for.

A Snuggie. If you ever find yourself having to go shopping for someone as strange as I, you can’t do much better then an item with “As Seen On TV” on the box. I love that crap.

Saturday was a very long but great day. I hope to get some more pictures soon to share with you all but first here is a picture of me and the groom getting ready at his house. My son George, one of the groomsmen, took these pics.
The wedding went off without a hitch except for maybe one little bump in the road provided by yours truly. During the mass when you are supposed to show a sign of peace to one another, I stepped over and gave my sister (the bride) a kiss on the cheek and when I did, my glasses knocked her fake eyelashes out of wack a little. She blinked about a hundred times in 10 seconds while I prayed her lash would not flip off. Can’t have a bride who looks like the guy from A Clockwork Orange! She was able to stick it back in place thank God. I was sure my sister was going to kill me afterwards but it was all good.

The reception was a blast. We started off with my speech in which I do remember getting some laughs, talking about how their marriage will be full of Mountain tops and Valley but that those ups and downs provide a contrast and allow you to appreciate all you go through knowing what you should be thankful for when things are good and that when times are low, what you can accomplish together and I do remember ending the speech with the toast that went “To Anna and Steve. May your mountains be tall, your valleys short, and the landscape of your lives together, beautiful.”

Now that I read that it sounds like a Hallmark Card but whatever. Oh well. I am a cheese ball.

Since my father has passed my mother gave my sister away. For the traditional parents dance, I danced with my sister and my mom danced with Steve (groom). We danced to my parents song, Misty by Johnny Mathis. Then the wedding party danced to U Can’t Touch This by Hammer which was fun. We did the Chicken dance, the electric slide, a Soul Train dance line, and I have now mastered the Soljah Boy (thanks Lindsey)!

If you never seen a ninja in a Conga Line, check this out! “Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronga!” Only Gloria could rhyme “stronger” and “Conga.”

My favorite part of the night was close to the end of the reception. All of the party had left except for My sisters, their spouses, and our kids. When Always and Forever by Heatwave came on all four of us grabbed our spouses and hit the dance floor. I looked around to see my sisters all with their husbands, all happy and I got choked up. I could almost feel my dad staring down on us smiling as we all sang as loud as we could to the loves our lives.

“And we’ll spend tomorrow together! I’ll always love you, forever!”

George told me later that seeing all of us was the coolest part of the night. I agreed, I think all my sisters could agree on that. It was a special moment.


JaimieH said...

cool pics and I love moments like special to have that memory!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwww the ninja looked awesome all dressed up! and i love the closeness of your family.

Cara said...

I have to say I LOVE your sister's dress! :D

Lea said...

It sounds like a beautiful day, George. I got all choked up reading that ~especailly the end of your speech!

Oh, and you gotta love wedding dancing.

Karen said...

You always manage to get me all teary eyed. Sounds like a wonderful wedding. And, a Snuggy?? A Snuggy???? My husband is constantly telling me he needs a Snuggy! LOL

Scott K. Johnson said...

Do you look like that Monk in the commercial when you wear your snuggie? I bet you do a little, but probably more so if you shaved your head. I bet I would! LOL!! Put that on the list man!

And for the record, by daughter calls them a "Snuggly". I love when kids say stuff that is close, but just not quite right!

The wedding stuff sounds awesome, and the pictures are the best. I agree that having all of the kids (your mom & dads kids) out on the dance floor with their loves is a special thing.