Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kind of Freaked Out

Today is my appointment with the neurologist and I am a little freaked out.

Surgery, Tests, Procedures, whatever you want to call them do not normally freak me out. I typically say, "do whatever you need to do. Just fix me."

But today is different because the single worst most disturbing test I have ever had, ever, was at the neurologist.

If anyone has ever had a nerve conduction study done to them before please tell me you had a good experience and my first one was just a fluke.

I just remember watching the tech darting, DARTING, 3 needles (like needles for sewing leather together) into my upper arm and then sending an electric charge that made every muscle from my arm to the tips of my fingers tighten at the same time. Like a stun gun. Then he pulled those needles out and darted them into my forearm and did the same thing. Then on to my hand.

He looked at me and said, “Now I have to do the other arm.” The tech said it in a low voice, almost apologetic but I swear he hated me. Why else would he continue? :)

No joke, when I heard those words a single tear ran down my right check and I said, “alright.”

I almost wanted to call for my mommy to come sit with me. It was that bad! Pain is not a big deal for me but this was like torture.

Maybe I have it wrong. Maybe some of you had a good or painless experience. Please let me know because the way I see it, this afternoon is going to be tough.


Lynnea said...

Ouch!! That does sound like torture!

landileigh said...

i've had those nerve tests and my arms have hurt for a couple of weeks afterwards. it was that way for my husband also.

good luck today george!

luv ya!

susie said...

My husband has sciatica, and he had that done on his leg. I had to leave the room. Getting electrocuted is not fun!

JaimieH said...

sending hugs and prayers your way George!

Colleen said...

Awww George, I'm sorry.
Hope all results are negative and you're feeling no pain very soon

Karen said...

Oh no. That sounds horrible. I hope it was a fluke and this afternoon was much better.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wasted anxiety indeed. So when's the actual appointment? How long ago was this one? Maybe stuff has changed since then?

Andrea said...

Good luck and much love!

ninnifur said...

I hope everything went ok!

EDONAdesigns said...

Please let us know you are okay? Sending (((HUGS)))!

The Mindful Diabetic said...

They hurt like heck for me! I had to have them done twice only to be told that, yes, I had the beginnings of neuropathy but I was asymptomatic so far. Well, duh, I knew that! I took no care of myself for years and I knew that I had nerve damage, the docs just wanted to see how bad it was and rule out other stuff.

I know this is all super scary (at least it was for me) so hang in there! We are here for you!

AmyT said...

So sorry, George!

The only thing I can equate to that is when the contractions started really kicking in during childbirth. All I could think was, "This cannot be right! Something HAS to be wrong for it to hurt so bad."

I HATE pain -- which is why I'm VERY grateful that diabetes doesn't usually bring too much of it.