Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Thing at a Time

Last night I was chatting with a good friend of mine about my struggles with weight loss.

He gave me some great tips that he uses to eat right, exercise, and stay healthy. One of the things he said was just to change one habit at a time for a few weeks then add more. Like to change my evening snack to something different then what I am doing now which is usually chomping on some carb snack like Chex Mix, Chips, or anything from any bakery.

What he said makes a lot of sense to me. Too often I have tried to change everything at once and that never seems to work.

As I was chatting with him I realized that I have never talked to him about this stuff and he is a very healthy guy. I should have talked to him a long time ago. He has been my close friend since high school and was around through my diagnosis. He knows me well. Maybe that is why.

He knows all of my typical excuses and what I usually do to squirm out of stuff. He knows how to kick my butt into gear. Maybe that is why I don’t turn to a lot of friends and family because I know they will hold me accountable.

Maybe that is why I only write about stuff I really want to change. There are many areas in my life that I would love advice about but I am too chicken to ask. I would much rather be the person to help others then be the one who gets help.

Pride? I don’t think so.

Fear? That is probably it.

Fear of having to get my shit together and fear of it falling apart.

So I am asking you now, honestly. How can I get over this fear?


Jolie said...

Sadly...there is no right answer here. No magic pill. You just gotta do it! That is what I did this year. On January 1st, I said, no more excuses, no more little cheats here and there, no more procrastination. That is it. It is done. You just have to do it. Do it for your kids, do it for that wonderful wife you were thanking the other day. DO IT FOR YOU! Just do it!

Lea said...

hey George,
I think a huge part of getting over the fear is accepting that every day of your "new & improved healthy life" may not go completely as planned, and being OK with it. There will be days, even weeks of being wicked motivated when you'll do it all perfectly and at full tilt. And once in awhile you'll be tired, or busy, or whatever. Let it happen, knowing that it's a temporary bump...nothing more.
Stepping into a new routine isn't easy at all, and I think your friend gave you great adivce. Baby ninja steps are still kick ass.

k2 said...

A very wise person I knew once told me to "Do what you fear FIRST, and continue to do it until the fear no longer owns you."
I thought that pretty wise & I try & remind myself of that whenever my fear and overwhelming start to takeover. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - but I still continue to try, and you should as well.
Your fitness friend is right - little changes in your daily routine really help. Keep on doing the small changes and doing what u fear first, and good things will happen!

landileigh said...

great advice

George said...

Jolie - So true.

Lea - Baby Ninja steps. I like that.

k2 - U rock my friend. I like that message about fear. Very cool.

landileigh - I know. I love the OC.

Scott K. Johnson said...

This is a tough one for me to answer, because (once again), I'm like EXACTLY THE FRICKIN' SAME!!!

I too try to change everything all at once, and give up when any little part goes wrong.

I think Lea has a great point about knowing (and being alright with) that thing will not always go as planned.

That and baby steps.

There's a lot to what Jolie and Kelly say, just do it, and face your fears. I say that to my kids all the time, but often am not so good at shining the light in my own dark corners.

Jessica said...

I am the same way, I don't want other people holding me accountable or questioning me...Although a lot of times I greatly benefit from advice. It helps to remember that its only advice and people probably really don't think you will do exactly what someone says you should. But we are so sensitive to 'advice.'