Monday, March 09, 2009

My Busy Weekend

This was a busy weekend.

It all started Friday afternoon with a visit to the doctors to get my toe checked out. After waiting a lifetime in the waiting room I was walked into a room with stirrups staring back at me. I froze and the nurse said, “Oops, guess this is not the room for you!”

Yeah, ya think?

So she moved to the room next door with all the gnarly posters on the wall about smoking and ear infection. Yum. The doc came in and checked out the “piggy that stayed home.” He said it was just a blood blister and that I should keep an eye on it. He said as long as it did not open that I should not worry about infection. Good news indeed.

Friday night was a visit from my mom for my little sisters Baby Shower on Saturday morning. It was fun hanging out with her and our friend Lisa came over to hang out too. It was a regular slumber party.

Saturday morning after helping(being the good brother that I am) setting up for the shower I attended the first rehearsal for Godspell. Did I tell you all I auditioned for the play at our church? I am so excited! And if you are interested, I would suggest keeping June 4th – 8th open for performances. Rehearsal went well. It’s fun singing songs like this since I am so used to singing more contemporary songs. I love to use my “choir” voice as opposed to my lead singer voice. Very different but equally as fun!

Saturday night was more hanging out with Mom. I love it when she is around. She is funny and fun and well, New Mexico is not close enough for all the visits I would love to have. Still we make any time together fun.

Sunday was church then rehearsal. After that I took mom to the Airport to send her home and then headed home to meet up with my buddies for a movie.

On the way home Georgie was sitting in the front seat listening to the Godspell CD I will have on a loop until the performance I think. He said, “You know what dad. I think I want to be in the musical too.” He was planning on being in the orchestra but was having second thoughts.

“Well dude, you should call Pastor and talk to him. I am not going to pressure you at all but ask him and see what he thinks. We do need another guy.”

He called that night and is going to audition on Saturday. I asked to hear him sing along with a few of the songs we were listening too and once again, he shocked me. The boy has a good voice! Very cool.

I ended Sunday night with a low. The Watchmen was a strange, long, boring, and “blue” movie. The full frontal male nudity was annoying especially because it was blue and glowing! Please, someone get this dude some Underoos.

As you can see, my weekends are busy busy busy! I am not able to read, post, or rarely Tweet during the weekend but I try my best.

And now, to begin my busy week.



JaimieH said...

That will be awesome to have your son perform w/ you... bet he nails the audition!

I would totally love to see the performance but I'm heading to NY those days....grrrr

Karen said...

Busy - yes, but it also sounds like it was great!! I'm so relieved to hear the doc said your toe is okay. I'm thrilled to hear you made the cast of Godspell. And hanging out with mom is always great. :) Rest is for the weak - LOL!!

Colleen said...

Glad you saw the doctor and got a good report -

Godspell has been a favorite of mine for years. And now, because of you, I'm sitting here humming the songs.

tmana said...

Glad to hear comforting news about your toe. Godspell... y'know, I've never seen either the play or the film, but damned if that wasn't one of the more popular bases for medleys presented by our high school chorus... Hair (minus the racist and sexually-suggestive songs) and Jesus Christ, Superstar were the other two...

Regarding Watchmen... we saw that Saturday night with friends... I haven't been through the graphic novel... rather than being put off by Dr. Manhattan -- and mind you, a lot of the "explicit" stuff was cut off by well-designed camera angles, I was pleased to see that the director was not so afraid of the human (or post-human) character as to redraw him as a eunuch.
Which did not stop one of my friends from making his own off-color comments...

Sara said...

Glad to hear that the toe is not too serious! Any idea how you hurt it in the 1st place?

Maybe you can give us some song previews in your next vlog...

Jolie said...

Glad your toe is good. How wonderful for you to be able to share that experience with your son!

Oh and the blue dude and his parts would freak me out too!