Friday, March 06, 2009

Ninjabetic Vlog - Living in Fear

Diabetes causes us to act any time our bodies tell us something is wrong. Is that a good thing? Is it being in tune or living in fear of diabetes destroying our bodies?

Please comment after you watch. I really love your feedback.


Lora said...

I'd like to offer you words of wisdom, but I too sweat EVERYTHING. In fact, my motto for this year is, "Just let it go." I keep repeating it to myself over and over, and I've even thought of printing out posters to stick up around my house. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. All I can say, to you and to me, is just breathe.

Bernard said...

George I'm with you. Pain in my lower back...must be my kidneys. it a low or am I really just tired.

Still we do get to meet some awesome people thanks to diabetes. So there are always blessings.

HEY, my captcha word is spring - I'm not kidding. How about that.

Mike said...

I was watching and thinking "I don't feel that way. I don't get scared."

And then you mentioned back pain and how your mind jumps to kidney failure. And that thought crosses my mind all the time. I've got some lower back issues, and almost every night when I go to bed I have to stretch my back out, and I toss and turn...and each time I think about my kidneys.

So I guess you're right.

But we don't have to call it "fear" and we don't have to look at this as a negative. We've got the big D, and it's helped us become more aware and hopefully more proactive when it comes to our health. When you look at it that way, it's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

George and Bernard both:

I wish I was there to give you both hugs!

Bernard - I hope you feel better - please let us know! I'll worry about you having a kidney infection. I've had those - no fun.

George - I kinda don't sweat everything...I guess as a way to cope - I stick my head in the sand.

Then...after a few months....and of course, my habits catching up with me, I break down, cry and sob, and woe is me. And then I get busy.

I guess it's what I need to get motivated.

But I'm trying to break that cycle - be more proactive, and do something before I break down.

I admire that you don't ignore your body's signs.

I do - on purpose. And I shouldn't.

George said...

Lora - I like that. Just. Breathe. That is good advice.

Bernard - You are one of those blessings.

Mike - Being proactive is good and I guess it is all in perspective but personally, I get scared.

Jill - Balance as always is probably the answer. A little "letting things go" and a little "freak out" is where we need to be. Ugh, I have no clue.

Lee Ann Thill said...

I had a blood blister on my toe the summer before last I think. I *freaked* when I saw it. I got myself to the podiatrist asap, and turned out it was nothing to worry about. I still haven't got a clue how I even got it.

I don't have any great insight or advice. You and I are on similar wavelengths with all this. I have spazzy meltdowns in my head about every little thing that could potentially mean the beginning of the end. When I find out it isn't the awful thing I braced myself for, I do any number of things to distract myself or decompress or whatever it is I'm doing - take a nap, cry, eat crackers straight from the box instead of weighing them, or like yesterday, I bought cheese.

Sometimes I sound really crazy, don't I?

JaimieH said...

When you find the answer let me know plz...I aniexty about every little thing...the more war stories you hear over the years the more it contributes to those fearful thoughts...I try to live in the present the best I know how...that's probably why I'm a maniac at reading everything I can get my hands on lol

but like Bernard said...there are always blessings along the way...

ninnifur said...

I have absolutly no advice on how not to worry. I was born worrying. People tell me all the time to just stop.. because its THAT easy!

I think having the big D we are prone to worry- like you said at diagnosis they scare you with all they stuff that could happen 'when you are older if you don't take care of yourself'

And I'm getting older.. and I did not take care of myself for a nice chunk of time. Therefore I worry.

Focus on the right NOW. Thats what I try to do. Right now I am ok. It works for me sometimes.

Cara said...

I go back and forth between blaming every ache and pain on something BESIDES diabetes...and fearing it's BECAUSE of diabetes.
As for how to handle it... I have no idea. When you figure it out, let me know.
And by the way, about the sickness taking longer to get over. I was sick for 2 weeks! With a cold. That's it. Usually only runs (with non diabetics) about 7 days. :(
I hope your doctor's appointment went okay.

Molly said...

I wish I knew how to live without worry.

My eye bothers me, I'm sure I'm a minute away from being blind. My foot hurts, must need to have it amputated in a day. A high blood sugar, must be that insulin no longer can be absorbed by scar tissue. Etc, etc.

And...I do feel like I live my life and enjoy each day.

But, it's always there-- that dam diabetes. I hate it. I wish I could turn off the worry switch.

I've had some incredible experiences in my life because I have diabetes. My sister is a little jealous because she says, "you always belong to that group." (people with diabetes)

It's gotta be good to recognize our worries.

Anonymous said...

I was kind of known as a hypochondriac before I was diagnosed - and well, I come from a family of hypochondriacs. (Trust me on this.) But type 2 and hypothyroidism were somethings very real and yet I still feel like a hypochondriac with every bout with tendonitis (4x since diagnosis - woo hoo!) and every cold that lasts forever. Sigh. I hear ya.

Where I don't freak out is surprising. My eyes. I've been badly nearsighted and have had severe astigmatism since before I could read. Warnings of retinal problems or glaucoma came yearly at my eye appointments and the added part about diabetes should make me more careful, right? No. I don't get it.


The Mindful Diabetic said...

I use to worry about everything my body told me, every ache and pain, every bruise, any type of symptom. I went to a therapist about the level of anxiety and fear I was experiencing about dreaded complications as it was getting in the way of my life. I got two types cognitive behavior therapy, CBT and REBT. We worked on changing my thoughts, especially the irrational ones, to healthier, more realistic ones. It has helped alot but the thoughts are still there, just not a loud as they use to be. So talking to friends, a family member, or other diabetics has to help too!

Cherise said...

I'm I am one of those people who stress out about anything diabetes related. This year I decided to "Let Go and Let God". Once I pray about it, I leave it in the hands of God. If I start to worry about it, it's not fair to God because i'm not allowing him to do his job. Kinds like"Why pray if your going to worry. If I get inpatient...there's a gospel song called "He's an on time God". The chorus goes
"he may not come when you want him, but he'll be there right on time, he's an on time God yes he is."
That's why I'm also happy and cheerful! The good Lord will never put more you than you can bare.

Be Blessed

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey man, FINALLY got my internet stuff figured out at home.

1) Yes, I did see Wil's book! :-)
2) The barbie chew was awesome.
3) I too worry all the time about stuff.

Maybe that just comes with the territory? But I do think, like you said, that the fear tactic was used on us. Maybe a little too much, and without regard to how it would negatively affect us later on.