Friday, May 22, 2009

My Week in Ryhme

On Monday I rested from a trip that we took,
Up the Mountains we went and it was off the hook!
We sang and we cried and laughed a lot together,
While the sun shone bright making for perfect weather.

On Tuesday I waited til the afternoon late
Like a kid before Christmas, I just couldn’t wait,
To get trained on my brand spanking new CGM,
Since November Insurance=fail, but now Ninja= WIN!

On Wednesday I spent mostly all of my day,
Holding onto my pump and watching it say,
“you’re high” or “you’re low” or “check your BG”
It trips me out seeing what food does to me.

Thursday was open house and a band show,
From one school to another, watch the Ninja go,
Both kids are so talented and as kind as they can be,
I’m so blessed to have them as most would agree.

Friday is here and the weekend looks well,
Two days of rehearsal, two weeks til Godspell!
But Sunday is special My wife’s going to be
Graduating with a BA in Speech Therapy.

So proud of my children and proud of my wife,
So blessed to have so many blessings in life,
But it would not be me without a little bitching,
This IV-3000 on my sensor is itching!


Kerry said...

I LOVE IT!!! Maybe you should be a gangsta instead of a ninja!! =)

Kerry said...

Oops... this is Windy (Kerry) my silly friend didn't sign out of her google account this morning!! =)

tmana said...

LOL, congrats to the XYL (wife), and have a good weekend. We're going to be busy with family, d-friends, and planning to see Team Type 1 race on Sunday

Sara said...

IV3000 and I have a love-hate relationship as well. Love that it keeps my Sure-Ts in place, hate that by the second day I want to rip my skin off!

Anonymous said...

LAWLZ!!! So awesome, dude :)

Congrats to your wife too!! That's very cool!

CALpumper said...

Great rhyme!

Congrats to your wife!

karend1 said...

Loved, it!! :)

Cherise said...

Only YOU! G, I'm telling you should be a hollywood