Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Race to CGMS Update

I wanted to update you on my race to CGMS.

The Dexcom rep emailed me on Friday and said they were still working on it with my endo.

The Minimed rep emailed me on Friday and said they were still working on it with my endo.

Both of these emails were sent in responseto the email I first sent to them saying, “I want to see how things are progressing.”

A part of me feels like I should put all my stock in one of them but both make me feel like I am not high on their priority list. I do not need that right now.

It is hard to get over being a little down when people make you feel like you are not that important.

As I type that I remember that I own my feelings and I have to not allow my feelings to get hurt. It is not easy since I am a “heart on my sleeve” kind of guy. As you all know.

So I need to allow myself time to take things in, think about them, remember who I am and where I am, and then decide on the healthiest way to feel.

Much easier blogged than done.


Kerri. said...

I hear you - this is a tough decision to make. Can you trial both and decide afterwards? Or does your endo not do that? Maybe your reps could hook you up?

JaimieH said...

You know who's in charge ;-)

It will all work out...

If he brings you to it, he'll bring you through it...

Carol said...

George, misery loves company, right? I'm still waiting on my CGM approval. Called MM after not hearing for 2 weeks. Last time they told me they were waiting for Ins to approve it. This time they told me that they never received the letter of med necessity from my endoc. Can you say runaround? Anyway, we may be unimportant to MM and Dex, but we are loved and treasured by our God. Better that way than the other way around.

CALpumper said...


And the D-Tribe loves you too G-ninja. A Whole Lot.

Hope this resolves itself soon. So you can get to beeping n trending.

Cherise said...

I am sorry you still haven't rec'd your CGM. If the reps are stating "still working with your physician" I would call the insurance company and file a grievence against your ENDO. You can also fight an appeal before anything get's denied. usually that get's the MED Group moving and your Endo's office =) If you need more info let me know.

Stay Prayful, Try not to worry (I know it's hard to do), become a Bug-A-boo! Call the insurance, medical group and CGM company everyday, e-mail everyday.

The Mindful Diabetic said...

I hope you get one soon, I hate playing these games with the insurance companies like we often have to. I have been on the DexCom for 2 weeks now and it is helping alot. They really do a good job of catching the lows.