Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Post about Roche

One thing that I felt as I sat in that room, with all those bloggers, was power.

Power to change things. To make a difference. To get our voices heard!

The only way this can happen is if we band together. If we unite as one voice and shout from rooftops about our needs, our dreams, and our hopes for a cure then we cannot be ignored.

But we must stick together.

We are all here online looking for advice, support, friends, a place to be heard, a place to get frustrations out, tips on managing, and maybe if read here, a little silliness now and then. But one thing that bonds us is the awful disease. We can take that and make it into something so much better if we use our numbers to raise some awareness and hopefully get the word out that those PWD’s who feel alone and who are scared can find support right here.

To attack one another and hate on one another or to NOT support another (even if you don’t click) is just letting diabetes win. I can not really get into a blog but still love that it is exists? Why not? I know not everything is for me but someone may be touched and moved by a particular post or writer and friends we have to celebrate that.

Different types, different people, different styles will always be around. The more voices the better. And I want to celebrate them all.

There is one caveat. If your posts are hurtful or if your intent is not supportive then there is no way I can support that. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about helping each other and supporting our cause. We cannot unite if we fight.

So what now? I am not sure. I am not good at organizing stuff but I look forward to November 14th and World Diabetes Day and I hope we can all band together in a new way that may reach many of those people who are looking for support or influence some major corporation to support diabetes causes the way Revlon supports cancer causes.

Ideas? Thoughts?


cherise said...

Bravo! G---

Carol said...

I don't have any great insights about where things should go next, but agree with your post. This came to my mind with regards to everyone out there in D blogland: "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." (Gal 6:9). Personal attacks and even spending too much time defending against them are energy drains, and as people living with diabetes, we don't need any more of those than we already have. So I hope everyone will move on, keep up the good work and avoid circling those energy drains.

tmana said...

Nail-on-the-head. Each person has a unique voice (or voices), and not everyone responds to the same approach.

It's why Baskin-Robbins sells "31 flavors" and why in some places you can find three churches of different denominations on a city block.

k2 said...

Beautifully put and from the heart.
Your words speak for many of us, and I thank you!
Kelly K

Rachel said...


CALpumper said...

[insert rock on hand gesture here]

Much love G. Well said.

"Unite. Learn. Advocate." It should be our Collective motto. That's a to how...wheels turning.

tMac said...

A House Divided VS A House United . . . It's no contest.


Laura said...

Well said, George!

Sara said...

Completely agree George! And very well said.

As I understand you guys talked about at Roche, we are only reaching a part of the d-community online, so for WDD maybe we raise a challenge that everyone with a blog go DO SOMETHING in their community to reach more people affected by diabetes.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Well said G-Money. I've told you before, "I've got no time for extra drama in my life! I've got DIABETES!"

Meaning that each day with just dealing with diabetes is more drama than I want - extra drama, especially the kind that is avoidable, is totally off my radar.

Besides, who couldn't use a little more love in their lives?