Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who's to Blame?

One thing that came up during our talks at the Summit was guilt and how diabetes is unique in that, the patient feels a lot of guilt for what goes on in his or her body.

This got me thinking. When I think, I want to share. When I share I write. Check out my post on DLife and let me know what you think, either there or here.

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ninnifur said...

Thats awesome, I think I am going to try it! Although my first response was 'ill try that tomorrow' for some reason I did'nt think I could do it! lol.

For me the guilt is NOT a motivator, actually many times in my life its been the opposite of that. I am a person that needs encouraging! Not a guilt trip. Since becoming part of the DOC I think it has helped a lot. I am not going to blame myself today!!!