Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Diabetes Rain on My Parade

Last night I went to bed in a great mood. For having had a couple of crumby weeks, last night was a nice change.

Spending some time chatting with friends, hanging out with my son, and just reflecting on all the good stuff for a while really made me realize that things are going to be okay. I will lose this weight and get my A1C where I want it. I was in a very optimistic mood.

I put in a new CGMS sensor, my BG was 137 at bedtime, and got to bed early enough so that I could read a little before completely crashing out.

I should tell you that I have been reading this particular book for probably a year! I know that sounds funny but I will get a page in every night before I pass out. The book is really not that great but when you have read the other 8 books in the series, you just HAVE to read the very last one right? Anyhow, I got through 2 chapters last night and it seems to finally be getting better so we shall see.

Back to the subject, I was in a chipper mood.

And now is when I have to blame diabetes for the change in my attitude.

At 1AM my CGM woke me up with a low warning. After verifying it with my meter I had some orange glucose tabs to bring it back up. I headed back to sleep and in about 20 minutes had another alarm. Again I checked and I was 58! More tabs. Another. And Another! I know I consumed 16 tabs last night and woke with a BG of 112.

I hardly slept. I was up at least twice an hour trying my best to tame the low. My head is in a major fog this morning.

Let’s hope I find some energy to make it through the day.

I am already planning a nap when I get home.

Today I am going to try my best to find that positive outlook and keep it going. Won't you join me?


Scott said...

I think Peter Chao has a solution to that!!

micksmom28 said...

G-Man. . . Join your fam in doing the Biggest Loser Family Edition! It sounds like fun and we will all be doing it together! Hopefully we can encourage and inspire each other. I am down 5lbs. in the past 2 weeks. Not huge, but it's something! Love ya and I'm glad you are feeling better!

CALpumper aka Crystal said...

I'm joining you. ;-)

Rest up. ((hugs))

wv: imphippr
Read - I am hyper. I am hipper. Nice.

Karen said...

Stupid diabetes. I've had plenty of those "low alarm every five seconds" nights. (Or at least it feels like every five seconds.) Hope you get a nap today and a undisturbed night of sleep tonight.

Frank Buddenbrock said...

HAHA I can totally relate, Go enjoy your downtime.

Bernard said...

George, I've had those nights and they're a royal pain. It's good to see you typing again, I hope it continues to get better from here on out. Drop me an email when you have a moment.

BTW, you really should delete the Frank Buddenbrock comment. He's trying to draw traffic to that site. He tried to leave a dorky comment on my blog, but I've rejected it.

Hey captcha word is 'incent', seems appropriate given I'm trying to incent myself to better bg control.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage dude. Major.

And I know you, like me, try to figure out what the heck caused it all? But there's not always an answer. That, on top of the worn out feeling, bothers me quite a bit too.