Friday, August 28, 2009

If You Are Counting, It's 3!

There was a time when I often looked like that picture above. It was three years ago today that I decided to finally quit smoking once and for all. And I have been smoke free ever since.

Just last weekend I was at work by myself and out in the warehouse I saw a pack of cigarettes sitting on the shipping table by the back door. I walked over to it, opened it up, pulled one out and just stared at it. I put it between my fingers. It felt good. Inviting. I wanted to smoke it and no one would know if I did.

But I didn't. I snapped out of it. It felt like I was in a trance and then I woke up.

Smoking is a very strong addiction and I can tell you first hand it is not an easy addiction to kick. But it can be done. Maybe not the first time you try. Heck, maybe not the 20th but if you don't try to quit then you never ever will.

Here's to another year.


CALpumper aka Crystal said...

Congrats Dbro! ;-)

wv: reconath
If we reconath that urge, we stay quit.
(ok, that was way lame, sorry)

Nan said...

way to go!!!

stuckoninsulin said...


carol said...

Great job! And you're going to celebrate how????

George said...

Crystal - I still loved your wv attempt and thanks.

Nan - Thanks!

stuckoninsulin - YAY!

carol - That is a good question. I think by just breathing deeply. It feels good when I do that now. :)

talesofmy30s said...

Yay!!! I'm so proud of you.

Laura said...


ninnifur said...

yay congrats! i still cannot thank you enough for helping me quit!!

Jessica Jones said...

I quit April 1st, and its been soooo hard. I had quit before, and when I got my diabetes diagnosis and had to change my entire life, I started smoking again !!! Crazy rationalizing, huh? But..we should be so proud. I have had those alone with a cigarette moments and have not caved in. There's got to be brownie points in there somewhere!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money - I am so proud of you for this. Not only is it something that benefits your health, but it is also a positive affirmation that you can do HUGE THINGS once you decide and commit to doing them. You are an inspiration for me man!