Friday, September 11, 2009

The Sprinkle of Sugar

This morning I stopped at the local gas station to fill up the Murano with gasoline. As I was standing there I thought I would go inside and pick up a couple of lottery tickets.

When I walked in I remembered that I ran out of mints and I have to have mints. They satisfy the oral fixation that I used cigarettes for all those years ago. Anyhow, grabbed a pack and headed up the counter.

“How ya doing?” The girl said without looking at me.

“I’m great how are you?”

“I’m here.” She said it like it was torture.

“So am I so I guess that’s pretty good.” **laughs** “Can I also get two quick picks. One Super Lotto and one Mega.” I always only buy one of each. All it takes is one dollar to win right?

She looked at me in a strange way and said, “Are you 18?”

“Are you my best friend? I am actually double 18.”

“Don’t worry I am double 14. And I wouldn’t have known.” She seemed to be cheering up.

“I cannot believe I just said double 18. Ha. Oh well, Age ain’t nothing but a number right?”

“I heard that. Baby, you have a nice day!” She sprinkled a little sugar on that last comment. If only she knew I was diabetic. (I always say I sprinkle a little "splenda" when I am trying to be nice)

Well, my day will be nice. I woke up. I am potentially a multi millionaire (you gotta dream). I am a pound lighter and to be specific it was almost 2 pounds but I am just going to stick with whole numbers since it’s easier and it all works out in the end.

And today I am reminded of the blessing it is to live in this country. Even through difficult times we come together. I hope that spirit continues.


Khürt Williams said...

Dude! Like totally awesome post. I'm like double 21.

Mark said...

Another great 'G' post! I love the updates with sprinkles of pure goodness.

Kerri. said...

YES!! Rockin' the 39. Nice job!!!

CALpumper aka Crystal said...

AWESOME on the 39!!!!!! Woot!!!! Congrats!

wv: nonymn

I would like to be nonymn about my double number. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great post G-Money! And way to go on the loss!

You have a real gift of lifting people's spirits. It's nice when that comes back around isn't it?

Rachel said...

Love it! The story and the scale.

The spirit of togetherness needs to be ignited a little, sigh.

Bernard said...

Great start George. I wonder if she knew she was dealing with the great ninjabetic.

Wyldceltic1 said...

Love coming across others who can be 'quick' LOL! I'm a double 26.5 heck with whole numbers HA!

Cherise said...

Go G! I am so proud of you! Sprinkling a little splenda your way:) congrat's on the loss:)

micksmom28 said...

Great job on the loss and motivation too! However, I have bad news for you. My sister-in-law, Laura just found out she has diabetes. It's been a long year for her and to be hit with this really sucks (as you know). Luckily her BG was ok, but her A1C is out of whack. Please keep her in your prayers.