Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Tube Tuesday #139

This is a Two for Tuesday kind of a day. And it's double the Ninja so double the fun! Wait, that makes no sense at all.

Anyhow, my sister Anna told me to search good old You Tube for my high school and see what I could find. Lo and behold I found a couple of SWEET clips from when I was drum major my senior year.

This first one is a little over a month after I was diagnosed (and do I look like I was type 2 at the time?) and my first parade of the year since I missed the first 2 due to the D. Damn the D!

Check out the mad twirling skills!

Now this one is from the last parade of the year AND the only parade I placed 1st in!

Check out the First Place skills!

That performance was one of the best days of
my high school career.

Maybe even the very best!

After a year of missing so much school, being in and out of the doctors office and trying to
understand what this disease was all about,
It was good to do something that proved to
myself that the D would not hold me back.



The Mindful Diabetic said...

Totally jealous of you! I wasn't the drum major of my marching band, booohoooo! Seriously, this was great to see you in action. You were so a beanpole after diagnosis! Thanks for sharing, now I gotta go hit up YouTube and see if my band is out there :)

jaimie said...

This is awesome! I never would have thought to youtube high school days... :)

Sandy said...

This brought back some great times going to competions and parades.
Wasn't Jazmine in band too! That was great you won several trophies too. This brought a tear to my eyes. Love you Son

Clayton Mark said...

Dude, you are one badass sucka. That second video really showed off the goodness of your skills. I had no idea! And that first one, you looked really nice in that green leotard out front. Anyway, it's cool to see you doing stuff that I've heard you talk about before. Time to dust off the rifle, baby. Congrats on the 35!

Karen said...

George, you are awesome!!! These clips take me right back to colorguard!! We totally have to start a Diabetes Marching Band!!

micksmom28 said...

Ahh, memories! I remember those days like it was yesterday. And when you helped me with my routine was an awesome memory I will cherish! Remember outside of the condos?! LOL! Fun times!