Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Break When Needed

One thing about this community is the never ending lack of support. If I have a diabetes issue or question I need help with, I know I can hop on Twitter at almost any hour of the day and someone will be on to help me out.

I love it.

But all this talk about diabetes all the time can make you burn out. The thing is, we have to think about all day long so when we have a chance to hang out and talk, sometimes diabetes is the LAST subject we want to talk about.

This was the inspiration for the October 1st No D-Day that so many joined in on. That day, participants did not blog, tweet, or discuss diabetes (if they could help it) and it was a nice change. Although, I will admit that I noticed a lack of people on Twitter that day.

I like to think that they took a break from their computers, their handhelds, and laptops just to enjoy other stuff and not let the D word pop into their vocabulary.

Personally, I do like to talk about the D. For many years I didn't have anyone to talk to and all you fellow pin cushions out there make this ninja feel apart of the family and not like an outsider. You do know that I love you all like Bacon, right? ;)

The thing I am getting at is, if you need a break take one. If you are sick of talking about Diabetes, don't. Take your time, pace yourself and when you have that desire again, I promise you the rest of the OC will be waiting to greet you with open arms!


Crystal said...

wv: heatramg
I'm ignoring the g on this one, not as in G for George, would never ignore you...right, on with it...

Heat ram that bacon!

Okay, that was bad.

Breaks are good. It's necessary for sanity balance, or somethin'. ;-)

k2 said...

I agree, everyone needs a dbreak!
Breaks let us talk about our other interests, so when we go back to talking about diabetes with a renewed passion!

Breaks in the form of bacon, cupcakes, elephants named Lucy, the beach and #Glee work for me!

kelly k~

PS: wv is outtinge- as in we need to go on outtinge, pref one with bacon and cupcakes, but not necessarily a Bacon Cupcake!

Kelly said...

Awesome post. Pin cushions definitely need breaks. :)

Cherise said...

I agree 110% we ALL need breaks. Lol I'm slowly breaking away from Twitter lol tell your mom's hello!

Rachel said...

absolutely. (Just like sometimes I need to stop talking football, huh?)

Karen said...

What a great post!!! Both about the support and about taking a break when you need to. I've been pretty MIA on twitter and blogs lately while I deal with some RL stuff, and I've felt really guilty about that. But you are right, we need to stop beating ourselves up about whether or not we are posting. As long as we are testing and bolusing, the rest can be put aside when needed!

And as alwasy, #LYLB my friend!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I agree. That is one thing I love about blogging, is that we can step away for a bit if we need to.