Monday, October 19, 2009

The Lucky 13

Some have a fear of the number 13. Today I celebrate that number because today 13 means something very special to me.

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary!

On the one hand I cannot believe it has already been 13 years and on the other, it sometimes feels like we have been married forever.

Some may have giggled at that sentence but it was not meant to be funny, unlike most sentences on this blog. No the reason it feels like our marriage is so old is because it is so solid.

We have had to deal with more things than most couples deal with in their entire relationship and yet we have made it. We have lost loved ones, had children, received degrees, almost ended up on the street, been in car accidents, been in the hospital, watched our child in the hospital, prayed, cried, laughed and celebrated together. And not one ounce of me worries what tomorrow will bring.

There are times we yell. There are also times that we laugh louder then anyone can yell! We are meant to be together. There is not a doubt in my mind.

I sometimes feel like with my disease that there is an added burden for her. My wife is always worrying and taking care of me. I hate that but she doesn't it. She hates my disease but will love me regardless of all the stupid strings that come attached to diabetes.

The team we have created is still being worked on. There are many times we don't see eye to eye but we are both determined to find a way to solve any problem. We are committed to our relationship, our marriage, our children, our family.

I am not the smartest guy in the world but there is one thing that I know without a doubt.

No matter what happens, we will both fight for our marriage.

It is worth it.


LeeAnn said...

That made me smile :)

Happy Anniversary!!

Traci said...

George, You're awesome. (Mainly because my husband would never be able to put something like that into words--but I know he feels the same way). Just a note for the cute wife of yours--As a wife with a husband who has diabetes, it's something we took on. I was naive to how much diabetes would play a role in our married life. But I took it on and heaven knows he's had enough trials with me during our married life to even the score. There are times that his diabetes can anger me, annoy me, or just plain drive me crazy but I took it on when I married him. Most days I don't even see him as a diabetic. He's my husband and friend first and foremost. He's a father second, and diabetes is somewhere down the list of who he is. I can't ignore it, but I can't let it define us. I'm so happy you guys have a great marriage. I honestly have to say that diabetes can be a marriage strengthener at times. In the sense that we've had to discuss and talk about issues that our friends after 9 years of marriage haven't even touched upon.

Congratulations to you both! Have a great night! :)

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary, George! Enjoy the day with your wife!

Cherise said...


congrat's 13 years is amazing! There a few ppl who can make it to a year. God has pleased you with an awesome marriage, wounderful wife, best friend and beautiful kids:) They say behind every strong man there is a strong woman but in this union I see it like this...beside you, you have a very strong woman. Continue to pray together and walk side by side:)

Be Blessed

Rachel said...

Happy anniversary :)

Kerri. said...

I love this post, George. Happy anniversary to you and your lovely wife!!!

k2 said...

Awesome post!
Happy Anniversary to you and your fabulous wife!
Continued love, luck, happiness, & laughter to you both!
kelly k

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy Anniversary George & Jazz. Jazz is such a great support for you, and you are such a great support for her. All of the work you both put in is clear to all who see your relationship together.

Lea said...

Happy (belated)Anniversary! What a beautiful post!