Friday, October 16, 2009

The Source!

My friend Gina has blown me away once again! She has created a site called The Diabetes Resource and it is loaded with all kinds of diabetical goodness.

If you are looking for blogs, information, support groups, and pretty much anything else related to diabetes, you can find it at The Diabetes Resource.

Gina and her team have pulled a lot of information about the D and put it on this site. If you have a blog, but it's not listed there, you can register and list it for free! Very cool stuff indeed.

And I am going to guess that you may have heard of a little site called Facebook. If so, you can check out the FB page here. And if you are on Twitter, follow TDR to get updates and links throughout the day.

Thank you so much for this Gina. When someone I know wants info about diabetes I will definitely let them know about this site. And I'll use it too! ;)

Good Job!


k2 said...

I am also impressed with The Diabetes Source!
Gina did a kickass job!

gina said...

Thanks guys! you are too cool to post this up for me George I appreciate it! xoxoxoxoxox


Cherise said...

Go Gina!