Monday, November 02, 2009

The Awesome Weekend Recap!

We have to start with Friday or maybe actually some time Thursday. I was at work and was thinking about my mom. She was at my house sitting there without a car and basically trapped. I felt bad. You see I picked her up for a weekend visit from the airport on Wednesday night.

Rarely do I get to hang out with my mom alone. Typically it is with the kids or the family and mom/son days don't happen often. I decided in the middle of the day to take Friday off and just hang out with my mom.

And that was what I did.

We grabbed breakfast, walked around the mall, played with computers at the Apple Store, saw "This Is It," bought some stuff at Toys R Us, and spent most of the time together laughing. It was great.

We met up with my sister and her hubby for dinner. After that, which was about 10:30, we headed over to my friend Lisa's pad for a birthday party appearance. We hung out there for a spell and finally came home to crash out sometime after midnight.

Saturday being Halloween, we had plenty to do. My sisters and their families were coming over to hang out, visit with mom, and BBQ. I knew I was just going to BBQ burgers and hot dogs but I wanted to try some new stuff.

For the first time in my life I made Banana Nut Bread from scratch! It came out awesome! I also made some Creepy Cuppy Cakes which came out good too. A regular Bronson Crocker I am! ;)

We hardly had any Trick or Treaters so that was a bummer but we had fun playing Harry Potter Clue (which is a lot of fun) and visiting.

Sunday after a great church service we went to lunch with mom before she had to head out to catch a plane home. We my sister took mom to the airport, the remaining Simmons family headed over to an afternoon birthday party at a friends house. We had a great time.

And the final bit of awesomeness was the movie Scott and I were working on for the "Making Sense of Diabetes" video contest. This week, the sense was TASTE and I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think.

Sure I didn't rest but who cares! 

It was a great weekend!


k2 said...

Sounds like you and your mom had a great time!
Alone time with the parental unit (s) is a great thing!
Your baking skills look as good as your video- which is TOTALLY AWESOME.
As a matter of fact- your video is AWESOMENESS SQUARED!

Nan said...

great video!! at first i was a little worried that you were getting sick ninjaB...oh my...
good jobs guys! (and yes, we want food freedom too!)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great times indeed man. I'm so glad that you were able to take some time off work and hang with mom. I bet she appreciated that too!

LOL'd at the "Bronson Crocker" line!

Great fun with the video man. We need to do that type of thing more often!

Traci said...

Glad you had a great time. And you are welcome to come and cook for our family anytime! (I've NEVER made anything that nice for them unless it's come from a store).

Beth said...

Love the video! Taste without math would be lovely, indeed; even though on my part, it's cooking and feeding without math, rather than the actual taste - but i"m sure my DD would be happy to have no more random food math to deal with.

Cherise said...

I am so glad you were able to hang with your mom! QT is cool beans. Bronson Crocker nice cupcakes hahaha

Lora said...

I loved the video. And I like the eyeball cupcakes, too!

Kassie said...

Where can I buy my "Taste without Math" tee-shirt????? I always say I don't suffer from diabetes, I suffer from lousy math skills ;)

hippygeek said...

LOL at the vid! You guys should definitely make more :)