Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From the "Whoa?" Department

Check out this article. Contacts that measure your BG?

FYI - I am going to the doctors today. I will update you on what happens.


janej2210 said...

Sounds good unless you have dry eyes or peripheral vision impairment, or are more afraid of something in your eye than finger sticking. Oh and that 15 minute time lag needs working on too.
Now something non-invasive that whispered in my ear "you need a snack" or "it's bolus time" - that I could get down with.
Good luck at the dr's.

George said...

That would be a lot better! I used to wear contacts but I had a horrible eye infection once that sort of freaked me out so I stopped and have reverted back to ole 4 eyes!

I like the whispering gnome idea. (I added the gnome) Like the Diabetes Whisperer! There it is!

I'll get to work on it right away.