Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gally Gee Willikers!

I went to the Emergency Room last night to get checked out. I had posted before about the fatigue, aches, and chest pain.

Wow! I did not know that saying “Chest Pain” in a hospital is like shouting “Roach!” in a fancy restaurant. A nurse came out of nowhere and pulled me into room. I was lying down, topless and covered in medical pasties (those little stickers) faster that you can say “Diabetes.” I was on a heart monitor which I was glad about since I was scared that my heart was doing weird things.

I have a history of heart problems in my family. The worst being the death of my father from a heart attack at the very young age of 43. Chest pains scare the shit out of me.

My heart is fine.

I must have been asked about my symptoms 10 times. It got to the point where I was trying to find ways to cut back the story. I think by the end of the night I would just say, “I do not feel hot and I usually feel very hot!” (I actually did say this to one of the nurses. She thought I was funny, and then stuck an IV in my hand).

Another nurse came into the room and asked me the typical questions.

“How old are you?”


“Allergic to any meds?”


“Are you taking any meds?”

“Yes. Insulin, Lis…”

Interrupting my list Mr. Nurse says, “What do you take Insulin for?”

I really wish you could have heard it. He said is almost as if I was crazy or if I purchased it over the internet and decided to just check out insulin. It was almost as if I was being scolded. Very VERY weird.

“um Diabetes?” I said almost as a question.

“Oh. What is that on your side?”

“My insulin pump”


“That pumps insulin?”

All I could get out without laughing was, “yeah.”

Then he asked if the Giant, almost as tall as me, tank of oxygen that was sitting and probably had been sitting in this room forever was mine.

“Is that Oxygen tank yours?”

“No ho ho HO ha HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!” I could not stop laughing. It was the funniest thing. I know it was a bit rude on my part but I just could not help it. If I don’t laugh I freak out and this dude was not helping at all.

Anyhow, when I finally get to a room and not the little triage area a nurse comes in (see above for “hot” joke) hooks me up with an IV, takes blood, BP and brings my wife in.

An X-ray tech comes in and takes a chest X-ray just to rule that out.

Lungs are fine.

I thought beforehand, “My luck is that I quit smoking 1 week too late.” I am so scared of my quitting being too late or something. Knowing my lungs were okay was a huge relief. Chest pain scares the shit out of me.

So now the doctor comes in. Looks at everything and says. “I think it’s GI, not coronary.” The GI Joe theme song is ringing in my head at this point.

She lays me down and starts pressing around my stomach. “Does this hurt? Does this hurt? Does this..”


“hmm lets get an ultra sound. That could be your gall bladder.”

Ultra sound was done. I did ask the tech if she could see if it was a boy or girl. She gave me the fake giggle. That’ll do.

Gall Bladder is not fine.

Not exactly sure yet but it appears to be enlarged and very tender. My Amylase levels in my blood were elevated so it could be my pancreas according to the internet. I am trying at this moment to get into my doctors today to try and get more tests done.

The saga continues.

Oh, and I am off of the Lipitor my Doctor started me on. They think that may have caused the fatigue. I already feel better today.

My chest still hurts though.


Val said...

Man, you gotta be a pretty serious hypochrondriac to be on insulin with no reason. The sad part is, Mr Nurse probably didn't see the humor in it at all. But I did! Hope your gall bladder issues are straightened out quickly (and thanks for the real laugh on emergency room procedures)

Vivian said...

First of all I am glad you are ok and I hope they figure it all out quickly.
Does it scare the crap out of you that these people are "medical professionals"? Sometimes I think we know more and have more COMMON SENSE than these people!
Please keep us updated and we will be praying for the gall bladder/pancreas/chest problems. =)

Kassie said...

I'm glad you went in! The lack of understanding of diabetes by medical professionals never ceases to amaze me :(

floreksa said...

There's nothing better then when a medical "professional" asks you what you use insulin for. The answers I'm tempted to give....

Hope everything clears up soon!

Minnesota Nice said...

What a three-ring circus. Chest pain should scare you - it has to be taken seriously.
Several years ago I had gb inflammation, called "cholycystitis" but with no stones, so it was treated with a bland, low fat diet and eventually went away.
So glad the bad stuff was ruled out. Feel better soon.

Kevin said...

That was damn funny.

And you're right: chest pain is damn scary. I've gone to the hospital a few times for it myself. Unfortunately, nothing conclusive (which is also a good sign, I suppose).

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Jamie said...

Wow - I'm glad you went. I'm still laughing about the "why are you on insulin? question and the fascination with the pump. Hard to believe these people are working in emergency .....

I hope you gb is ok - I know a lot of people who do have problems with theirs though - one woman commented that a gb attack was worse than labour. Now THAT I don't want to ever find out!

Take care and let us know how it all pans out for you.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

oh my god, i can't believe that guy was a NURSE!

scary as hell.

Penny said...

I'm glad that your heart is in working order, but I'm sorry your gallbladder is not.

And, just for future reference, in "nurse world" saying "I'm having chest pain" is liking waving a red flag in front of a bull. We just have to react.

Melissa said...

When I was a kid and used to visit the ER frequently for sprained ankles and the like telling them I was a diabetic had the same effect. Not sure if it would still work, but I know that I've used the I'm a diabetic and I'm hungry/can I go to the caf I'm going to pass out if you make me wait much longer does work :)

I'm glad your heart is healthy. Hoping for an answer about the rest soon for you!

Chris said...

Out to lunch i suppose. Im sure male nurses have always had a stigma (see Meet The PArents/Fockers). This dude is not helping thier cause whatsoever.
Good to see you check out ok!

art-sweet said...

What an idiot that nurse was.

I will be crossing my fingers that you are fine...

caramaena said...

lol at the nurse! Hope the gall bladder thing is easily resolved.

Scott said...


That was a funny post man! I love it!

Glad to hear that it's not your heart or anything like that. I'm sure the gal bladder stuff will work out just fine.

I think you should have told the nurse that your pump was pushing heroin or something crazy like that! And on the oxygen tank, maybe "yes, it's mine. I keep it with me 'just in case'"...

Keep us posted!

BTW - I swear you read and commented on my last post (thank you!) faster than any comment I have ever received. It's that ESP thing again... separated at birth I tell ya!