Saturday, February 02, 2008

Weight Watchers Update

Gain 3.4lbs

Total Lost 28.6

I do not feel like writing much more about this. I'll explain another day when I am not so disgusted with myself.


Shannon said...

Are you getting your period? (J/K of course).

You know, there will be those weeks that you gain like this, but just keep going. This is a new week. I know you have it in you to make it count.

Don't be disgusted with yourself.

Allison said...

Dude, you've LOST 28.4 pounds. Stop focusing so much on the day-to-day number. Think about diabetes. I mean, sure a 300 here or or a 280 there sucks, but it's the overall A1C that really matters. So think about it like that. A bad day or a bad week happens. But as long as your "W1C" is still lower than before, you're golden.

Stop being dumb!

Luv ya.

Donna said...

I'm impressed with the 28.6 total loss! That's fantastic. Don't feel down. You're doing great!

Colleen said...

The fact that you share your good news and your not so good news is so helpful. It's important and nice to know that none of us is perfect. I'm impressed with your +28 pounds that are gone!

Amylia said...

Maybe you got my 3.2 pounds because I don't know where the hell it went this week. Our weight is funny that way. Next week you'll probably have a substantial loss!

You're my WWBFF.

Anonymous said...

What matters are the changes that you've made to lose the weight you already have - the hopefully permanent changes. Maybe you've hit a plateau, maybe you've hit your set point.

JB said...

Just look at all that weight you lost, dude. One week is one week. Another week is another week. Face this week on it's own.

Lea said...

heck yeah, you're pissed, but don't beat yourself up. You'll keep going because you know it's important, and you've come such a long way! Look at what you've been able to do. It's a tough thing, to make a life change, and take yourself out of your comfort zone- you are kicking butt! Don't let this get you down.

Minnesota Nice said...

George - do I need to head west with a wet noodle and prepare to pound some sense into you? Weight goes up. It goes down. Look at the big picture.

..M.. said...

Everyone's said it all already... but just let me add, you're an inspiration to all of us who are feeling the extra weight. Thanks for letting us in on your journey.

And dammit man, you've done SOOOO well, don't get lost in one result!

Anonymous said...

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