Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You Tube *SUPER* Tuesday #58

With all the "Super" stuff going on I decided to make this a Supersized edition. Let's get started shall we?

Is it just me or does this kid sound smarter then me? Charlie's laugh is the best.

I have been struggling as you all know with losing weight. Maybe this is what I need?

This kid is upset and concerned and rightfully so. We are talking about BUHLUUD!

And here is the video I talked about yesterday. My cousin took this clip of her Step Dad celebrating the Giants win of the Superbowl. Now, if you are a Giants fan you can cheer right along with him. If you are a Patriots fan you can celebrate that this guy is not on the same side of the bleachers as you are.

LOL Just kidding Bill! ;)


Araby62 said...

Oh, I am totally loving the Hawaii Chair :)

landileigh said...

okay, so now we know your whole family is crazy, not just you! lol!

Chris said...

I love the BLUDUUHA one. that is hilarious.

Shannon said...

The Hawaii chair isn't just for weight loss anymore.

Donna said...

I can't believe that kid put his finger in Charlie's mouth - again. Well, now I guess he's learned his lesson, huh? Charlie knew what he was doing. What a smart kid!

The bluduuh one is hilarious! Oh, sorry. He said it's not funny! LOL!

The Hawaiichair is just a little too weird.

I was happy the Giants won, but I didn't dance. I did cheer though!

Jillian said...

Those stinkin' Brit's think they are so superior with there little accents! I'll take your surfer voice any day.

I'm suprised you didn't go with a political videos. I was so expecting Obama Girl and the boy who has a crush on Hillary (so catchy).

Scott K. Johnson said...


Dude - I love you man. I swear I haven't laughed that hard in ages!