Monday, August 25, 2008

From Strong to Wrong.

This weekend started off strong and ended pretty crappy.

On Friday night we went to see the high school band perform the field show they had been working on all week at Band Camp. It was fantastic! Some of the formations need work but the music was really exceptional. I think they will do well at competitions as long as they get their field show stuff down.

After the show we they had a chili cook off and swim party at the pool. It was fun watching the kids doing tricks off of the diving board and I also enjoy spying on George to see how he interacts with his friends and see who his friends are. I think my son is a cool kid but you never know. I saw him talking to a bunch of different kids both cool looking and nerdy ones. Plus a few girls too so I think he is doing okay. I once saw him talking to a few parents and even the band director. He is a social butterfly. I am fine with that.

On Saturday the kids celebrated and observed Brother and Sister Day. The official date is the 22nd but since George was at Band Camp all week they had to wait. They made Ice Box Cake, cooked each other breakfast, played laser tag in the house, had a water gun fight outside, appeared in their dad's vlog, and even exchanged gifts. They had a good time.

Sunday started good but ended bad. I was just not my typical ninja self which drives me nuts.

For the full Sunday story, check out my post on dLife. I was Raging Against the Machine.

BTW - Does anyone have an extra One Touch UltraLink they want to part with?

***UPDATE*** I called Medtronic and they are sending a new meter. I promise I will be nice to this one. Thanks to all who offered their meters for me.


Araby62 said...

I'm afraid I don't have the UltraLink, but I have a spare UltraMini you're welcome to. Let me know!

Sorry to read about your bad BG experience. I've been known to pick useless fights with my husband in the fog of 300+. It's so completely not 'me' that I get spooked, too. Hope today is far more 'chill' for you (:-)

Allison said...

I might... but I'm not entirely sure where it is. I'll be in touch if I can find it.

Colleen said...

I also have a spare ultra mini - but it's pink... wouldn't do much for your Ninja image but you're welcome to it.
Sorry yesterday was so crummy.
I envy you watching the band's first performance. I miss those days.

George said...

araby62 - thanks for the offer! I think adding all the events of the day up it and the high bg took me over the edge.

Allison - That would be aweosme! I tried to buy one on the Minimed site but they do not sell them yet.

colleen - I could rock pink but I already have a silver and a green one, thanks though. I tried to buy one of the Ultra Link's but they do not sell it. The band show was awesome!

tmana said...

Don't have an UltraLink (don't need it) but I know CVS is selling the UltraSmart for $29.99 through the end of the month, and there's an up-to-$50 rebate slip in the box.

Theresa said...


I bet if you call the company that makes the OneTouch meter, they might send one to you for free. The phone number might be on the back of the meter. I use AccuChek meters made by Roche. A few years ago when my meter stopped working, they sent me 2 meters of the current one I was using plus a third meter which was a different type but used the same strips. Recently when I lost the calibration code key they sent a new code key to me plus a new meter that just came out. All of this was for free. Most companies will give you a free meter because they want us to buy the stips.

George said...

Good Call Teresa ;)

I should have it buy friday!

Donna said...

George - I do a lot of yelling & slamming of doors when I have an unexplained high along with other stress issues. Sometimes we just can't take it any longer, right?

Hope things get better for you soon. Good luck with the AC.

Michele said...

Hi Georoge -

I have a brand spanking new UltraLink with your name on it. Medtronic sent it to me the month before I decided to go with Omnipod because I couldn't deal with the Medtronic customer service hassle anymore.

Send me an email at and we'll coordinate getting it from me in San Diego to you up north.

Annie said...

George, I think I have one! Email me to remind me to look - annatangnorton[at]gmail[dot]com

Cara said...

I am checking this post later than usual and I see, once again, the wonderful giving people that our community is made of.
I once posted a blog about issues getting test strips and an d-OC member sent me a box.
There are still good people in the world. And I'm glad you're getting your meter.
Also, I understand the anger. Sometimes there's just no other reaction to have.