Thursday, September 18, 2008

He is Different

This afternoon is a big one for my son. It is his very first Cross Country meet.

I think I have done a good job of sharing my son’s personality with you all but you must understand, he is different. Sure you always feel that way about your kid. They are the cutest, smartest, funniest, and most likely to run the country one day. I do recognize that there is some bias since he is mine but it is different.

He is different.

I remember back to his 7th birthday party. We had family and friends over at the house to celebrate. I was sitting down watching George walk around the party mingling. Like an adult! He would be outside with the kids playing and running around, and then come inside and sit down with his uncle. He would spend some time with him, and then go sit with his grandma to see how she was doing, over to his little sister, off to the living room to visit with cousins and friends, and then back outside. He would glide around and see how everyone was doing. Just like an adult.

He has always had this ability to fit in no matter what the situation. And when he puts his mind to something, it happens. Like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier contest. Never an ounce of conceit or bragging about how great he is. He just knows he can do it and he does. Total confidence. And he is the first to encourage others and root for all. He loves to see other succeed. It is amazing.

And now he decided he wants to be on the cross country team but on the Varsity team as a freshman. I told him that is not typically the case but he says, “I know but I think I will make it. I run with the Varsity team all the time so I can keep up.”

I know it sounds awful but I am waiting for him to fail. That probably did not come out right. I mean, he can’t do it all right? It’s just, he has to fail right? He can’t accomplish all he wants to? Can he?

Do you see? I am so terrible with my own self esteem that I assume he is the same way. Maybe my vow to make sure my kids believed in themselves came true. I guess we did do something right. We have always told both of our kids that whatever they want in life is theirs if they work hard enough and never give up.

He is different. And I am so thankful for that.

I’ll let you all know how he does. You can find out sooner via Twitter. Follow a Ninja if you dare!


Sara said...

I think the reason why he is successful is right here: “I run with the Varsity team all the time so I can keep up.”

He knows what he wants and finds someone who is there and copies them. That is a powerful lesson that he can use throughout life. Want to be the best student? Study with the best student. Want to be a leader? Follow the example of other leaders. Want to be successful? Follow the example of successful people.

You've got a great kid!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I ditto what Sara said.

Also, what better example for you than your very own son?

Anonymous said...

all i'm going to say is:

like father, like son.

Little George is exactly like his father.

k2 said...

He is wonderful,...and so are you.
You want to protect him because your his father and you don't want him to get hurt.
He focuses on what he wants and goes for it.
He's not afraid of trying, he's more afraid of not trying. And that's a great way to be.

Andrea said...

At church last week I was watching you and Georgie talk to Jen and I didn't realize that Chad was watching too. He turned to me and said "They're really close huh?" And I said "George and Georgie? I think they're pretty close." And he said "You can tell that he really admires his dad and wants to be like him."

Children are mirrors that we see reflections of ourselves in. Everything you admire about Georgie... that's you man.