Friday, September 19, 2008

The Week's Report - A Question for You

George did great yesterday. He said that he started off a little too strong but finished well. His coach said he was the only one who sprinted at the end like he was supposed to.

I am quite proud of the little bugger. He has his first invitational meet on Saturday where he will run only with other freshman. That should be interesting since yesterday’s run was with all grades.

I was going to attempt to record a Vlog post last night but I was too busy running around, driving my sister to the airport, and Instant Messaging a good D-friend of mine. It made for a fun night.

This week has been rough as far as my numbers go. I have been up high for a lot of the time only to get woken up but a lovely shaky sweaty low at 3:15 this morning. Then I could not go back to sleep.

Should I do some fasting basal rate checks? Why have I been running so high? Maybe if I got my fat ass back into Weight Watchers I would not run high. Maybe my co-worker was right? Heck no. Mean is never right. What am I doing? I need to sleep! Why do I love bacon so much?

And on and on the thoughts go. So annoying.

Anyhow, when I get home I am gonna try and vlog. Any thoughts on a subject? I have some things knocking around in my brain but I would love suggestions if you have any.


Colleen said...

A subject suggestion -
After reading this week about your coworker...
How about telling us how your supportive, uplifting, always there for you friends have helped you?

Scott K. Johnson said...

I want to hear about how the heck you keep your pet monkey from destroying your X-Files action figure collection.

It's been killing me! I just can't keep mine off Mulder!


Actually, the last time I was watching your blog I was wondering what it looks like outside of the window behind you. Like, maybe you would grace us with a vlog with the blinds up or something...

Meghan said...

I know you already vlogged with these suggestions but you should totally do an interview blog and let people submit questions and then have someone interview you with those questions. and then fake cry and chew gum. haha.

or you can vlog yourself watching the x-files. But it has to be a really gross one so you make all the typical Geo noises. haha.