Friday, September 19, 2008

Ninjabetic Vlog! Come check it out!

A link to the post about the co-worker who made me mad.

A link to pics of the Beat the Bete team from last year.

A link for Scott.



landileigh said...

i'm dying to know what's behind the blinds!

oh and i bet you're really eric clapton in disguise!

Minnesota Nice said...

You mustmustmust play and sing a song for us. Please. Your guitar looks like it has polka dots on it just like Buddy Guy's.

Scott K. Johnson said...

you ROCK dude! And it's cool, I don't have a pet monkey either.

I'm thinking about adopting that one in the link (that was funny!). I mean, how many guys can say they have a pet monkey?

Maybe I can even train him to be a service monkey (in honor of Molly)! I'd be all like "HEY! DO NOT PET! SERVICE Monkey!" as I ninja chop their hand.

Can't wait until next VLOG so I can check out the shrubbery (sweet!).

George said...

landileigh and MN - I think you may have just solidified the next Vlog post.

Any requests?

Scott - The shrubs are coming! Here is the thing, no one needs a pet that flings poo. That is a good rule. poo flinging animals should not be pets in my book.

j-ro said...


Was wondering if you could vlog sometime in the future about when you first found out about your diabetes. My husband found out today he has type 2 and is feeling very overwhelmed. Maybe you have some good advice.