Monday, September 22, 2008

Living on Fumes

As far as I can tell, days have not gotten longer and yet, we seem to cram more and more in each day! This weekend was filled with so much stuff. Good stuff mind you but a lot of it.

With that, I am dragging. And for a ninja, that is not safe at all.

Friday night I spent working on the slide show presentation for our Sunday church service. I typically do this on Sunday mornings during the first (traditional) service for the second (contemporary) service but I knew I was not gong to have time come Sunday. You will understand why. After that was done I needed to get all the stuff I needed for my meeting on Saturday. And let's not forget the Vlog recording and uploading also.

Saturday morning I was up and out of the house at 6:15 and on my way to Palmdale which is an hour and a half away for my Via De Cristo team meeting. VDC is a spiritual weekend that I am involved in. You may have heard of Cursillo which VDC is an expression of.

Anyhow, while I was there until 4:30, my son was running in his first invitational cross country meet. He came in 71st with about 600 boys running in this race. He got a medal (all those finishing 90th and better did) and said that he could have had a better time without all the traffic. Oh, he is gonna love commuting one day.

My daughter’s soccer coach told the team to get the park at 2pm for the 2:30 game except that their game was at 8:30 in the morning! That annoyed not only my daughter but the team and all the parents too!

After all this stuff we were at a 50th Birthday fiesta for my mother in law and my cousin in law (if that is a real thing.) It was fun except that I was exhausted. I wish I could have had a little more energy but I ended up leaving at 10 and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow (I did wake up at 3am and tossed and turned until morning but I am becoming used to that).

On Sunday I sang with 3 other friends a song at the early service which is why I had to do it on Friday. After that service and the contemporary one where I lead the band, we went over to my cousins to spend some more time with the in laws and other family that came in from out of town for the party. It was good seeing them all.

And then Gillian and I went out to my sisters house in Upland (about an hour away) to feed her kitties and make sure they were okay. Her soon to be sister in law is checking on them also but I told her I could check on them on Sunday. That was before I thought about the whole family event. When I got home at 7 on Sunday from all this stuff I thought I was going to cry. I was so tired. I watched a few episodes of the X-Files season 3 and went to bed.

I feel like I am constantly on fumes.



Araby62 said...

I hate that feeling too. Sometimes we just need to unwind, and L-I-F-E has other plans...!

Take it easy, hermano.

Colleen said...

I'm tired just reading about everything you all did -
Find some time to kick back and rest.
PS - loved the vlog - your eyes twinkle when you talk about your good friends.

Cara said...

Daniel did have to tell me several times about nijibetic. :) He was so excited about it.
I know about Via De Cristo. There is a branch off from that called the Walk to Emmaus (it's basically the same thing) that I've been involved in, including the college aged version, Journey, and the high school aged version, Chrysalis. That's so cool that you are envolved.
Also, my uncle lives in Cali and he used to live in Upland, so I saw the reference and had to tell you that I've heard of that place.

Anonymous said...

sometimes you just have to say no. no, i can't do this - no, i can't do that. don't wear out the ninja!

wait! if we wear out the ninja... maybe i'll beat him in mario kart...


Scott K. Johnson said...

Word up dude. That's a lot of stuff going on!

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about making your eyes twinkle though... LOL!! That's a little, um, ...

LOL!! :-)

Major Bedhead said...

I know it's cheesy, but that song always makes me kind of chill out and take a step back. Plus, it's a hell of an ear worm.